Kicking Off Hockey Season with the Chicago Blackhawks

As a born and raised Canadian, I absolutely love watching hockey and attending games. I grew up playing street hockey in rollerblades with the boys in my neighborhood and routinely attended Hamilton Bulldog games with my Dad while we still lived in Ontario. So, now that I’ve lived in Chicago for just over five years, it’s no surprise that one of my all-time favorite things is seeing the Chicago Blackhawks play! Below, take a look at a recap of my experience attending a recent game.

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How to Become an Early Bird Workout Person

Alright, guys. I’ve been trying to become an early bird workout person for a while now, but I’ve had no success! Sadly. So, I took to my Instagram Stories and asked YOU what your top tips are to do so. In today’s post, I’ve complied all of them to share with you. Hope these help!

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3 Reasons to See Chicago By Helicopter With Chicago Helicopter Experience

Last week, Austin and I had a once in a lifetime flight with Chicago Helicopter Tours here in the city. I’ve been on a helicopter before (over New York City YEARS ago), but Austin hadn’t so it was absolutely incredible to experience it together! Below, keep reading to learn more about our ride and three reasons I think YOU should enjoy this incredibly gorgeous city by helicopter.

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