My Beauty Storage + “Vanity” Space

So, it’s known that I’m a bit beauty obsessed, but where do I store all of these beauty products that I buy and receive? It took a bit, but I think I’ve finally mastered storing it all so today’s blog post is about where I keep it all. I wanted to share my faux vanity space too! Living in a small one bedroom Chicago apartment, I don’t exactly have the room for the luxurious vanity I’ve always wanted complete with perfume trays and expensive makeup, but my desk has served as my vanity for the past few years. There’s something more comforting about sitting down, enjoying a coffee or smoothie, watching TV, and doing my makeup rather than standing in the bathroom doing it with my products all over the place.

Nonetheless, keep reading to see more pictures and hear more about how I store my makeup and beauty products on my “vanity” (AKA desk), in my medicine cabinet, and on my bathroom shelves. Check it out below!

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4 Quick + Easy Changes For A Healthier You

Have you ever had a moment (or maybe several moments) where you’ve realized you’re not quite taking care of yourself as you should? I don’t just mean that you’re not eating enough salad or working out several times a week. I mean that holistically, you’ve realized you’re not getting enough sleep, taking time out of your day for yourself, and so on. Well, I have. In fact, I have several times over the course of my college career and it came as a result of many mental breakdowns. Fortunately, I now know myself well enough to sense when I need to really nurture myself over anything else in order to avoid any breakdowns.

Lately, I’ve made a few very small but important changes to be a better me overall because I’ve realized I’m worth taking care of. Some of these “changes” or actions are small and common sense and others are things I’ve been telling myself I’d do for years. Well, now I’m finally doing them and I’m here to share. Check it out below!

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My (Almost) Foolproof Self-Tanning Routine

Self-tanning. It’s a bit of a controversial topic, honestly. Some think it’s repulsive while others love it for a faux glow to avoid sun damage you get from real tanning. If done properly, I truly think a self-tan is one of the best things ever. It makes you feel incredible about yourself and gives you a boost of confidence so many of us need!

But self-tanner isn’t anything new. Like many other women my age, I grew up using Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. Let me tell you, that stuff stinks. It also stains EVERYTHING! I recently tried the in shower version they recently launched and didn’t hate it but also wasn’t in love. Since then, I decided I wouldn’t give up on my bronzey, golden dreams and I’m happy to say I’ve (almost) mastered self-tanning. So, why not share my newly founded wisdom? Keep reading, babes!

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