3 Reasons to See Chicago By Helicopter With Chicago Helicopter Experience

Last week, Austin and I had a once in a lifetime flight with Chicago Helicopter Tours here in the city. I’ve been on a helicopter before (over New York City YEARS ago), but Austin hadn’t so it was absolutely incredible to experience it together! Below, keep reading to learn more about our ride and three reasons I think YOU should enjoy this incredibly gorgeous city by helicopter.

You see the city from a totally different vantage point.

I’m used to seeing the city as I take the bus to and from every day. I’m even used to seeing it from Skydeck Chicago as they’re one of our clients at work! However, I am SO not used to seeing it from a HELICOPTER. Flying over the city is an experience unlike any other, truly. The City Lights Experience in particular lets you see the sky as it changes from day to night and all the lights in the city’s beautiful buildings turn on. You can even spot the nightly traffic (and may even your apartment complex)!

It’s the PERFECT date night activity.

Is there anything more romantic than Chicago and its views from a thousand plus feet up? I think not. We did this on a random Tuesday night, which honestly, I would highly recommend! If you’re all about those weekend dates, go for it, but it was kind of amazing to do this so spontaneously and on a “normal” night. Plus, you can always buy the experience now and do it later (birthday or anniversary gift, anyone?). Forget nights on the town, it’s time for a night ABOVE it!

You’ll leave with both memories and a new appreciation for the city.

A helicopter ride is a major bucket list item, so doing it together is a lifelong memory. No doubt. Being up so high will also make you feel incredibly small. You get to see the sky change, city lights flick, and people or cars hustling and bustling all over. You can also always partner the flight with dinner before/after at a nearby restaurant to round it out!

Have you ever gone on a helicopter ride? Is it on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to learn more about Chicago Helicopter Tours and their City Lights experience specifically, click here. Have a great week, everyone!

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