My Top Three Blogging Tips

Since starting my blog back in January of 2015, one of the top questions I’ve received from readers and followers alike is, “How do I start my own blog?” For years, I’ve been saying I’d write a full blog post detailing all my tips and today I finally am!

Whether you indeed want to start a blog of your own or simply become intrigued as to what it’s like to run one, I hope this post can help you! Keep reading below.

Find your voice.

I’d say this is one of the more difficult parts of starting a blog, but it’s crucial to do so (and especially towards the beginning of such an adventure). Without a defined voice, your audience will struggle to follow and/or relate to any content you’re putting online. Decide what you’re all about and bring that to life through your blog!

Part of your voice includes your topics and tone. What are you going to write about? What interests you and what may interest your readers too? Don’t worry, this will certainly shift over the years. I originally started Lincoln Park Minute as a fashion blog and these days, it’s much more lifestyle and beauty focused. I love writing about whatever I want (and keeping this a really honest place to dive into important topics like anxiety). A lot of people suggest deciding on niche, but I personally find that to be an outdated tip.

As for your tone, think about how you’ll talk to readers. I’ve always liked writing in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style. I hope to keep things real, share my honest thoughts and write as if I’m having a conversation with each reader regarding a product, an experience, etc.

Stay dedicated.

Blogging is NO easy work. I’m sure just about everyone finally understands that given the popularity of influencers and influencer marketing, but it truly doesn’t come without some dedication (particularly in the start, which seems to be a common theme so far).

At first, very few people will like your Instagram photos or read your blog posts, both of which you’ll edit tirelessly. It can be discouraging, however, after time and establishing an audience base, it’ll all pay off. Typically, the longer you have your blog and dedicate time to it, the more success you’ll find. AKA you can’t start a blog and expect to hit it off within six months to a year. It often takes much more time than that!

I will say it’s not for everyone. You have to stay at it. If you have a work hard, play hard personality, you’ll be an incredible blogger! Keep in mind you’ll have to balance a blog with your daily life as well. For me, that means my nine-to-five social media position and extracurricular like volunteering at church, blog ambassadorships and other obligations. Oftentimes, something suffers, even relationships or friendships, but make blogging work for you and remember to forgive yourself. Skipping a month or even a few won’t kill you

Long story short, go into it with the intention of keeping on top of it. Let it be something you’re passionate about! Plenty of people start blogs and forget about them months later. Don’t let that be you. Dedicate yourself to it.

Keep your integrity.

This is sort of a two-fold piece of advice. First, I mean it in regards to brand partnerships, which will come and go. Among these, it’s so crucial to keep your integrity. Ask yourself if the brand is aligned with your personal values (or those that you tout on your blog). Plenty of companies want free advertisements, but know your worth. At first, that means you’ll probably spend plenty of time accepting free product in exchange for exposure, but as you become more established, you can charge brands (more advice on this to come). Believe me, there will be partnerships you regret. I certainly have some, but it’s all a part of the learning process.

Secondly, who you surround yourself with MATTERS (and not just in everyday life, in the blogging world too). I’m so grateful to have a blogger bestie like Lexi of Lex and the City. We share press contacts and don’t view each other ask compeition even though we probably technically are! We lift each other up and encourage one another instead. Don’t bother to associate yourself with anyone who doesn’t align with what you want to represent in life and online. Simple as that!

If you guys have any other questions in regards to blogging, let me know in the comments below and I’ll answer! Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂 Hope it was helpful!

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2 thoughts on “My Top Three Blogging Tips

  1. Des

    Great tips! I just started my blog a few months ago and I’ve definitely been keeping my mind on everything that experienced bloggers have recommended. I do have a question regarding Disquis! Would you recommend it? I’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

    xx, Des |

    1. Meghan | Lincoln Park Minute Post author

      HI Des, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and share a comment! I so appreciate your support. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Disquis, but I would say building a community and engaging with others can never necessarily hurt, so if you have the time to utilize such a tool, I say do it! Hope this helps. xo, Meghan


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