Becoming a T3 Ambassador and Visiting LA!

Image via Jessi Casprowitz

Guys, I’ve been hiding some really exciting news for a while, but I’m finally ready to share it! I’m one of around a dozen of the first ever T3 Micro Ambassadors. I am so incredibly excited (and grateful) for this opportunity. I’ve worked with T3 for one-off campaigns over the past year and a half, but for them to believe in me enough to make me an ambassador? That truly puts me at a loss for words.

Kind of like when I got an invite to one of their exclusive ambassador events, which I attended last night in West Hollywood, California. No words! And just like when I walked into the private suite at the Hotel Bel-Air. Jaw-dropping. Every single detail was thought of. Keep reading below to hear more about the event, and see all the gorgeous photos by the talented Jessi Casprowitz!

Immediately upon seeing the Hotel Bel-Air, I thought, what a place! I knew it was going to be incredible when the first thing I saw was a gorgeous pond with two swans and the second thing was fresh arrangements of peonies. One of the Be Social girls came to get us in the lobby and finally led us to the private suite where everything surpassed my wildest dreams.

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Since the party was sleepover themed in celebration of National Best Friend Day (June 8), we were immediately greeted with pale pink and black piping Homebodii PJs and the cutest cheeky slippers. We changed, got cozy and explored the rest of the suite! We could get our hair touched up with the Convertible Collection irons in the bathroom or get a pink manicure with nail art by a tech from the Color Camp, a new WeHo spot that focuses on healthy AND cute nails. Bites included an all-pink candy bar with to-go bags, gorgeous charcuterie, Wolfgang Puck pizza (so chic) and plenty of champagne!

But, that wasn’t all. Outside on the private patio was the most adorable boho, millennial pink set-up. From white furry rugs to T3 branded Polaroid cameras (and film) and pink balloons galore to Clueless playing on the TV, it was simply flawless. I mean, look at these photos! Words can’t even describe it. It felt like a movie. Now, if I could just make my apartment look this great, I’d be set. I also can’t wait to put this Polaroid camera to use. I’ve been thinking of buying one for years!

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All in all, it was such a quick but incredible trip to LA. I loved getting to know the other ambassadors (they’re some of the sweetest girls), as well as the T3 and Be Social teams. I wouldn’t change a thing! I’m so looking forward to my journey as a T3 ambassador and hope you all enjoy following along as well. Lots of fun content is coming your way soon! Have an amazing weekend, everyone.

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  1. Jessica

    Your hair always looks amazing and of course it would be because of that AMAZING curling wand! I Loved watching the videos and so jealous you will always have a good hair day!!
    Thank you for always stopping by! xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries


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