The Beauty Tool Missing From Your Routine

If you have a current skincare routine, it’s likely that you wash your face in the morning and evening as advised by so many beauty editors and dermatologists. Or, maybe you only wash your face once a day. Whatever floats your boat! The point is we sometimes continually go through our routines without stopping to realize that something may be missing. Well, in today’s blog post, I’m excited to introduce you to that very thing: the Philips VisaPure Advanced.

The VisaPure Advanced is a facial cleansing brush that comes with three different attachments. This way, you’re truly getting a tailored solution for each of your skincare needs and concerns. Keep reading below to learn more and hear my thoughts!

I’ve been using the VisaPure Advanced for a month or so and I really enjoy it! It’s easy to use, gentle on my skin and does a much better job than just my hands for everyday cleansing and makeup removal. Much like I just mentioned, my own skincare routine has felt pretty normal and lackluster lately. Nonetheless, this simple device has taken it from good to great, in part because of its rotation and vibration technologies.

One huge benefit I’ve found is that it has completely reduced the visibility of my pores. I noticed this even after a single use, but especially with continual use. That’s all thanks to the deep pore cleansing brush, shown above. The 20,000 ultra-thin bristles clean out pores while also brightening skin. P.S. How cute are the rose gold details on this thing? I’m obsessed! What a small addition that adds a sort of luxury to the whole experience.

Now that you’re a little more familiar, you may be wondering how to use this thing! It’s super simple. I wet my face and the brush, put a bit of cleanser on it, press the button, and start cleansing with it. There are two speeds and while both are very gentle, I use the first one. It’s also rechargeable and waterproof. Just be sure to replace the brush head every three months!

As I mentioned earlier, three attachments come with the VisaPure Advanced. The smaller one shown in the bottom left corner of the photo above is the precision cleaner, designed to clean the larger pores you may have in your nose and chin areas. The funky looking one? That’s the revitalizing massager. I like to use it to massage my serums and face oils in before bed. This movement on your skin helps produce collagen (bye fine lines) and make it glow!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and my review of the Philips VisaPure Advanced! To learn more about it or even snag your own, head to this link. Have an amazing weekend!

This post is sponsored by Philips. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Lincoln Park Minute possible!


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