3 Easy Ways to Beat the Inevitable Winter Cold

No matter how fantastic your preventive care is, getting a cold, cough, sore throat, or all of the above during winter is pretty inevitable. In fact, I’ve come down with my second cold in the past four weeks. While I’m certainly no doctor and these things are pretty common sense, let this serve as a reminder to actually follow through with them! I know these tips make me feel better when I have even the most miserable of colds. Keep reading below to see what they are!

  1. Load up on fluids like water and tea.

Of course, that includes water. I aim to drink 80 fluid ounces a day and I hit that pretty consistently. When I’m sick, I up that amount to 100 because I know my body needs it while it’s so run down. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes at me because everyone says how crucial it is to stay hydrated, but it’s for a reason and it’s even more important when you’re sick.

When I have a sore throat, I swear by drinking plenty of hot tea to loosen congestion. In the morning, I love black tea with honey and a splash of milk. If I don’t want the caffeine during the day, I drink green tea with honey and lemon juice instead. A friend also recently recommend a tea called Throat Coat and it’s become a favorite for sure! In the same breath, try to avoid coffee and alcohol because those will only dehydrate you.

2. Rest. Actually, rest.

I don’t just mean physically, I mean mentally as well. If you’re sick, take a day or two off from going to work. At the very least, consider working from home so you’re able to work from the comfort of your bed. Avoid the gym too. You may think working out will make you feel better, but you’re going to run your body down. Give your body time to heal. As for mental rest, try to remind yourself your cold will be over soon, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

3. Give your body the nutrients it needs.

You probably don’t have much of an appetite while you’re sick. I know I don’t. Nonetheless, it’s important to eat something or you’ll end up feeling worse. When you’re sick, you actually need more calories than normal to function properly and support your immune system. I try to eat plenty of soup, crackers, bread, leafy greens, etc.

Something else I love to do is take one Emergen-C a day whenever I feel a cold coming on. Apparently, there’s not much evidence to back up the idea that Vitamin C can prevent a cold, but it has been shown to shorten the length of your symptoms.

If you’re reading this while you have a cold, I hope you feel better soon and that these tips may help!


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