Friday Five Vol. 2

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m a bit delayed on getting Vol. 2 of this series up for you but the past month has been super busy between work, staying on top of my workout schedule, events, and more! Thankfully, it’s finally Friday and I’m so ready for another weekend.

Keep reading below to learn more about my latest finds and picks! I’m going to aim to bring you this series every other Friday so stay tuned.

Read // A Guide to Breaking Out by Into The Gloss

We all know it can be difficult to understand our skin and why it behaves the way it does, but in this super informative article, Into The Gloss breaks down why you might be breaking out and what you can do about it. From hormones to diet, there are so many factors that may be making you break out all of a sudden. You can also take a look at my own experience with (hormonal) acne and how I’m treating it in this post here.

Eat // Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

When I went home to NC in early October, my mom me these cookies that you’ll adore if you like coconut! I made them myself this week and added Craisins for some extra flavor (and color) and they’re so delicious. They’re the perfect chewy cookie and balance of salty and sweet. A forewarning, if you use salted butter in this recipe, be sure to nix the additional salt it calls for. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a cookie that’s more salty than sweet. Kinda like mine. Oops!

Listen // Wolves by Selena Gomez

It came out about a week ago but I’ve had this song on repeat on Spotify since it was released. My only complaint is that it sounds a tad repetitive. I want something different from Selena collaborating with various DJs! P.S. Is anyone else sad she and The Weeknd broke up? I’m so conflicted about it! I don’t think I like Jelena, but maybe Bella and Abel will get back together? Who knows! I can’t keep up.

Shop // FRYE x Gal Meets Glam Sabrina Glam Boots

Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been following Julia for years now (6 to be exact)! She’s my favorite blogger for a multitude of reasons and I was so excited to see she collaborated with one of my favorite companies, FRYE, to put a twist on the classic Sabrina boot. Though definitely an investment piece, these boots are gorgeous and can be worn so many different ways.

Do // VIP Service at PRSYM

Two weeks ago, Luzi and I went to PRSYM Nightclub in Lincoln Park to try out their VIP service and it was so, so fun! If you have an upcoming birthday or bachelorette party, I’d highly recommend checking it out. We went just for fun, but I definitely think we’ll be back soon! The music was great if you like top hits, EDM, hip-hop, and rap. If you go, let me know what you think.

Now, go enjoy your Friday and have the best weekend, everyone!

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