Why I Shave With A Men’s Razor

Every woman knows body hair isn’t particularly fun to deal with, yet we do. Week after week, we shave and are left with that temporary feeling of silky smoothness. While many of us won’t just stop shaving entirely, there are definitely ways to make the whole process a little more bearable. My number one tip? Shave with a men’s razor.

It may not sound like the most revolutionary thing in the world, but I promise there are a few reasons behind this personal opinion of mind. Keep reading below if you want to hear them and learn more about my favorite men’s razor!

A better shave

Most (not all) men’s razors have sharper blades than those of razors designed for women. In my personal experience, I’ve simply found this to be true. I get a closer shave with a men’s razor and one razor blade will last me a few leg shaves, as opposed to one woman’s razor lasting one. Of course, cutting hair closer to the skin with a sharper blade will mean your legs stay smoother longer.

The Pink Tax

If you’ve read the news at all the past year or so, you’re likely familiar with what is known as the Pink Tax. Essentially, it’s a tax on female goods that makes women pay more than men. Countless studies show that women have to pay more for gender-specific items, including razors. If you buy men’s razors, you’ll save more money and who doesn’t like that? While it might not seem like much, women’s personal care products actually cost 13% more than men’s.

Less irritating

Have sensitive skin? This one is huge. Women’s razors have strips of fragrance, moisture bars, scented handles, and more, which can lead to irritation. Men’s razors are typically more simple and don’t have all of those skin-irritating additions. Especially since men’s razors are designed for shaving faces, they typically don’t have anything too ridiculous that may upset your skin.

Don’t get me wrong, none of this is to say that women’s razors are the worst thing in the world! I simply find men’s razors to perform better. Regardless, I love making shaving my legs part of a larger relaxing experience with a bath complete with bath salts, a candle, and book.

Now that you know why I prefer men’s razors, you may be wondering which one is my favorite. For the past couple of years, I’ve been a huge fan of Harry’s razors for two main reasons: they’re high quality and are priced incredibly fairly. You can get them in Target or sign up for one of their shave plans, which deliver their razors to your door every month. Plus, you can’t beat their packaging!

Do you shave with a men’s razor? Whether you said yes or no, I want to know your favorite razor and why! Let me know in the comments below.

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