NYFW Fall 2017 Recap

If you didn’t catch it on my Instagram and stories a week and a half or so ago, I went to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with my blogger bestie Lexi of Lex and the City! And let me tell you what a whirlwind of a weekend it was. In early August, Lexi brought the idea up and we took it and ran with it. At first, we weren’t sure how to get into shows or events or go about the whole process in general but as the PR mavens we are, we made it happen and I’m so insanely glad we did. If you want the lowdown on everything we saw and did, keep reading below but beware this post is long. Keep an eye out for a separate post on NYFW SS18 trends!

I left work a bit early on Thursday to head to O’Hare for my flight and arrived at the Airbnb Lexi snagged for us around 11 PM. We stayed in Hell’s Kitchen just blocks away from Times Square, which was so nice. The Airbnb was super updated and adorable too! After a celebratory glass of prosecco and quick meal, we were off to bed and ready for the next day.


The first thing on our agenda was a meeting with some lovely gals over at Tractenberg & Co. They’re a NYC based PR agency that reps a lot of your favorite beauty and lifestyle brands like John Frieda, Rimmel London, and more. Getting to know more about their clients was fantastic! Afterwards, we headed to The Gallery at the Dream Downtown for the Galtiscopio show. We got stuck in traffic and didn’t end up getting in because they were at capacity. Instead, we took photos and chatted with Audrey of Happily Audrey, whom we met in line. P.S. Check out her blog because she is the sweetest!

Then it was off to lunch at Dominique Bistro in Greenwich Village, one of my favorite NYC neighborhoods. The French spot was so insanely delicious and I’d highly recommend it to anyone in the area. Once we were fueled up, we went to the NYFW Collection Shows at Oxford Fashion Studios. Their space was STUNNING. It was all white with an amazing view of the city. It didn’t hurt that they had a ton of prosecco being passed around either. Haha. The designers were very different from one another (typical for a collection show), but it was fantastic.

We somehow ended up in Soho, I don’t even remember how. That’s how much of a blur the weekend really become for me! I do know when it came time for dinner, we grabbed a casual one at Sweetgreen. I’m seriously in love with their Peach + Goat Cheese salad lately. Then, since it was only a short walk away, we wandered over to Vandal for drinks. While we were there, we made friends with a group of 18 year old Norwegian girls in the city for a gap year and they were so much fun. That was definitely an unforgettable night!


Despite a few too many drinks the night before, Lexi and I managed to get up for an 8 AM full body class at Barry’s Bootcamp on the Upper East Side. Even just typing out that sentence makes me cringe (and kind of proud) because I don’t know how we did! I took it a bit easy but the class itself was a great refresher. Once we showered and got ready, the Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo presentation was next. As a longtime fan of both Banana and Olivia, it was so cool to see! She is just as gorgeous and stylish in person, I swear. We then headed back to Soho for Mac Duggal’s show as part of Art Hearts Fashion. His designs reminded me a lot of some of the stuff the Kardashians wear. Evening gowns with lots of glitz and glamour. Some were even more ethereal.

Since we didn’t eat a true breakfast or lunch this day, we were so excited about dinner at Altesi Downtown, a more contemporary Italian spot in Soho. I ordered the risotto special with artichoke, saffron, and shrimp and a glass of Chianti (the best red wine for summer in my opinion). The service was great and I will definitely be coming back next time I’m in New York City! After this, we went to Ludlow House for a fun event. While there, we heard Richie Quake perform (I’m obsessed with this song of his, and this one too) and saw Brooke Candy too. By this point in the weekend, I was exhausted from running around and socializing so we headed back to the Airbnb.


This was our busiest day for shows, but by far my favorite! We went to four and all of them were so insanely incredible. We started at Dan Liu at Skylight at Clarkson Square (one of our favorite venues for the weekend). Then we headed to Brooklyn to check out the Dumbo area. Lexi recommended we grab a quick bite at Cecconi’s and I’m so happy she did because it was delicious and the views of both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges are unparalleled.

We hopped on the MTA to go back to Skylight at Clarkson Square for Leanne Marshall’s show. When I say this one blew me away, I’m not kidding. I got so choked up during it. I think it finally hit me that I’m so lucky to have this opportunity. The whole weekend was incredible but it was this moment that I truly realized my childhood dream of going to NYFW was coming true. Cheesy, I know, but true.

In a true coincidence, we ran into Audrey again! She was headed to the Lisa N. Hoang show at Pier 59 Studios (another gorgeous venue) and we tagged along with her. Lisa’s show was quick but fantastic. We mingled and met some new friends before our next show at the same venue, the CAAFD Collection, which features emerging designers. The one we were truly there for was Samantha Lebowitz. Ironically, Samantha is the daughter of my boyfriend’s mother’s friend! This show was a bit longer so by the time we got out, we were HANGRY. We headed to Frying Pan. Although quiet since it was a Sunday night, it was so cute and the fish and chips were to die for.

This night, I only got three hours of sleep (not exaggerating) before I had to be up early for my flight back to Chicago out of LGA. I landed around 8 AM and headed into work for half a day. Boy, was I tired! Despite the lack of sleep, proper eating habits, and overall energy, I would do it all over again and then some. I’m so grateful Lexi and I were able to go on this adventure together and I can’t wait to see where we go next! Stay tuned for my next NYFW post soon 🙂

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