A Guide to Chicago’s Most Charming Neighborhood: Lincoln Park

I’m sure you can tell the topic of today’s post by the title and it may seem long overdue (because it is), but I’m finally writing about Lincoln Park! I truly can’t believe I didn’t think to write about all of my favorite things in Lincoln Park until now. It’s, of course, the name of my blog, the Chicago neighborhood I’ve lived in for four years, the home to my alma mater, DePaul University, and so many other things I love. It’s even where I met my boyfriend of three years.

As a sort of homage, I’ve finally decided to put everything I love about Lincoln Park in one place for you to read and peruse. Keep reading below to hear about my favorite restaurants, shops, things to do, and more in this charming little area!


Oyster Bah // Austin and I just tried this place for the first time a few weeks ago and despite the fact he’s allergic to shellfish, we will totally be back. It’s also worth your visit! If you’re not into seafood, their chicken sandwich and fried chicken are incredible picks, truly. If you happen to love seafood, get the seafood roll or oysters. For dessert? Get the key lime pie and coconut cake. Both classics will make you want seconds! My favorite part of all, Oyster Bah’s service and ambiance are impeccable.

Sweet Mandy B’s // Perhaps it’s the fact I’ve always lived within a few blocks of this place for the past four years or maybe it’s simply because the baked goods are just that good, but either way, Sweet Mandy B’s will always hold a special place in my heart. Austin and I are huge fans of the double doozie (a chocolate chip cookie icing sandwich), confetti cake slices, lemon bars, and rice krispies. Whatever you get, you can’t go wrong. Trust me! Just make sure you savor it!

Pasta Palazzo // I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this place on my blog before and for good reason, it’s AMAZING. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also charming and the pasta is insanely delicious. I’ve always loved that it’s family-owned and run, which makes it feel that much more authentic. I typically get the cavatappi pollo, gnocchi (homemade, by the way), or linguine pesto-cream. Their specials are usually pretty good too.

Glazed & Infused // Chicago is home to an array of doughnut shops, but my favorite has always been Glazed & Infused. The doughnuts are never too crazy, yet many flavors tend to be inventive. Despite this, I often opt for the vanilla been glazed. It’s a yeast doughnut so it’s doughy and soft on the inside and the glaze is the perfect level of sweetness. My only complaint is how quickly their doughnuts tend to sell out on the weekend!


Stop by NEWCITY // This is definitely one of our favorite things to do as there is such a variety at NEWCITY. From bowling at KING’S to seeing a movie at Arclight, it’s easy to stay entertained here. We often will just walk around and window shop too. We frequent the area around the North/Clybourn red line since there are so many great stores, including the ones at NEWCITY like Saks OFF 5TH and Z Gallerie. The restaurants in the center are fantastic too, including LYFE Kitchen, Nando’s, and Yard House.

Tour the Lincoln Park Zoo // A free zoo? Sign me up! I’m a huge, huge, huge animal lover and living so close to the zoo, much like living so close to my favorite bakery, is very dangerous. I drag Austin here every once in a while to check out the farm animals, lions, and more. Even if we aren’t going to stop and see the exhibits, it’s a great place to take a walk and get in a good workout. I haven’t gone yet, but this year, I plan on going to their Fall Fest to celebrate the new season properly!

Have a picnic in Oz Park // Lincoln Park has a few smaller parks, but Oz Park is probably the largest of them all. It has several baseball fields, playgrounds, and even a few hills here and there. It’s a wide-open space in the heart of Lincoln Park that is perfect for a picnic. Before you go, grab some light bites and drinks at the Whole Foods on the corner of Fullerton and Sheffield. When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than a cute little picnic. If you want something more scenic, head east to Lake Michigan and have on there!


Alice & Wonder // This newly opened shop has very quickly become one of my favorites. I seem to walk by it often and every time I do, I want to/do stop in! They have the cutest stuff and the store itself is adorable (and oh-so Instagrammable). They have shoes, clothing, accessories (like Vo Yourself jewelry) and knick-knack items that would make perfect holiday or birthday gifts. I’ve been eyeing this super cute mug for a while now! Can’t make it into the store? Shop their new arrivals for fall online. SO many gorgeous pieces I’m dying to buy!

Papersource // If you know me even in the slightest, you may know I’m obsessed with paper goods so Papersource is practically my dream store. I believe in beautiful stationery and special cards and they have all of that and more. Papersource also carries knick-knack items that make incredible gifts. Even if you’re just running in for some plain white envelopes, you’ll probably have a hard time leaving without more than that!

The Tie Bar // One of Austin’s favorites. Tie Bar’s storefront is absolutely beautiful and the customer service inside is even better. The guys there are so helpful whenever we go in and try to find something specific. They offer great advice on what tie might look best with what shirt and suit too. The variety of items they carry is another plus. There are dozens and dozens of patterns and colors of ties, bow ties, socks, and pocket squares. Of course, there are some fun tie bars too!

Greer // Greer is similar to Papersource but isn’t a chain of stores. It’s a standalone boutique type of store that carries insanely adorable greeting cards and plenty of items that make great gifts. What makes it special is the space it’s in. It’s not very large, yet it packs a punch. The staff is always incredibly friendly and kind when I come in. It seems to be somewhat unknown, so if you’re in the area, definitely check it out!

If you live in Chicago, what are your favorite Lincoln Park spots? I seriously would love to try them! If you’ve never been, I hope my recommendations are helpful if you come to Chicago. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Melissa Imbrogno

    This is such a great post Meghan! I adore Lincoln Park and I definitely agree with some of these top choices! I’ve never been to Oyster Bah but now I’m dying to go! My fiance and I love seafood and it’s kind of rare to find some really great options living in the midwest!


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