My Beauty Storage + “Vanity” Space

So, it’s known that I’m a bit beauty obsessed, but where do I store all of these beauty products that I buy and receive? It took a bit, but I think I’ve finally mastered storing it all so today’s blog post is about where I keep it all. I wanted to share my faux vanity space too! Living in a small one bedroom Chicago apartment, I don’t exactly have the room for the luxurious vanity I’ve always wanted complete with perfume trays and expensive makeup, but my desk has served as my vanity for the past few years. There’s something more comforting about sitting down, enjoying a coffee or smoothie, watching TV, and doing my makeup rather than standing in the bathroom doing it with my products all over the place.

Nonetheless, keep reading to see more pictures and hear more about how I store my makeup and beauty products on my “vanity” (AKA desk), in my medicine cabinet, and on my bathroom shelves. Check it out below!


AKA my desk. We’ve gone over this! Of course, my desk looks very much like a desk (office supplies and all) but I’ve optimized it to work as a vanity as well. When choosing my desk itself, I made sure it was one that would have plenty of storage and since I knew I’d also do my makeup here each day. I also carefully chose a lamp that would give me ample lighting since there’s no window in front of my desk. This one has different lighting settings that are so helpful. Perhaps my favorite part of my vanity desk is the gold storage unit I got for my birthday. It comes in a few different sizes and I’m eyeing this one to put my perfumes on. My gold mirror from Target is super cute too! I even stuck my makeup brushes in a cute little organize (from Target as well but discontinued).

Medicine Cabinet

Though I share the medicine cabinet with Austin, it’s still one of my favorite parts of our bathroom. The shelves are different heights, which makes it great for storing a variety of products. If you don’t have a one, you can totally buy one and just hang it on a blank wall in your own bathroom! This one and this one are a few of my favorites. In mine, I keep all of my skincare products and some hair items. I also keep everyday essentials like hair ties, lip balm, contact lenses, and more. Anything I’d use while in the bathroom on a daily basis goes in here.

Bathroom Shelves

I’ll admit, these were quite the work in progress. Right now, they look great! Organized and tidy, but for our first year in the place, all of the products were just standing or laying by themselves on the shelves, which wasn’t an ideal situation. It looked messy and not very cohesive. This shelf is from Target and perfectly fits between the toilet and wall. It took a while to find some baskets that fit well but I finally find these ones shown here at Meijer. Each basket is organized from top to bottom: hair products/accessories, extra beauty products, medicine, and replacement products (extra toothpaste, makeup wipes, and so on).

Where do you do your makeup and keep all of your beauty products? Do you have a personalized vanity space? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Monday!

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6 thoughts on “My Beauty Storage + “Vanity” Space

  1. Cailyn

    I totally agree – I feel so much better when I sit down and do my makeup and have everything in front of me than standing up in front of the sink! I think your space is still so cute for being small!


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