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A week or two ago, I shared a snap of the bookshelf in my apartment on my Instagram story as I recently re-styled it. I received quite a few messages and compliments all about it, which inspired me to share how you should tackle styling your own bookshelf. The built-in shelf in my place has been one of my favorite parts about my apartment and I feel like some gorgeous items placed upon its shelves is only right! Keep reading for some bookshelf styling tips and to shop my favorite items.

First of all, if you don’t happen to have a bookshelf, get one! If not to improve the interior of your living room, consider buying one for storage. Your shelf doesn’t have to just be pretty. It can be functional too. Ours happens to be built-in, which is convenient, but when we move, I plan on buying a cheap one from IKEA and DIY-ing or purchasing something like this, but hopefully less expensive!

Now, what to put on your shelves? The options are endless! But here’s a selection of some of my favorite items, many of which are similar to the ones on mine.




You’ll also want to add things like trays and pieces of art. After you have the bare bones of your bookshelf, it’s fairly simple to fill it in with things you like and come across. Try to find items with structure, those that vary in height. The idea is to layer and fill in empty spaces, but not make it look too cluttered. As time goes on, your bookshelf will likely evolve. Whether new pictures are put into frames or you finishing burning a candle, things will come and go, which is part of what I think makes it so fun.

Some of my favorite stores to find bookshelf items are Home Goods, TJMaxx, and Target. They’re usually all pretty affordable and really adorable! My number one tip is to keep playing around. Like I said, your shelf will likely change a lot. Don’t make it look too perfect or neat. Some color and “error” can add a bit of character!

Do you have a bookshelf? If so, have you styled it with any favorite pieces? Let me know in the comments below! Have a fantastic week 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Styling Your Bookshelf

  1. Amy Agur

    Love this! I’m in the process of redoing my office now and I’m dying to add some faux built-ins. I love watching the shelves change over time as my needs and tastes evolve.


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