A Weekly Ritual: Masking

As part of my skincare journey and overflowing bin of face masks, I recently made a promise to myself to do one at least once a week. I figured not only would this help declutter my beauty bins, but it’d also give me better skin! Though I’ve kept my promise, I’ve seemed to pick up more masks, including the new berry line from affordable skincare brand, Formula 10.0.6.

After seeing the brand in Old Navy, I finally had a chance to try them out in recent weeks! My best friend Luzi and I got together and put on a few different face masks. What better way to spend a Sunday morning than relaxing with a face mask on, right?! Keep reading below to hear our favorites, what we liked and didn’t like.

Formula 10.0.6 is effective skincare made affordable, which is a quality I love. Good skincare shouldn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars. The new berry line includes seven different products, mostly face masks, which all target different concerns. All of them smell incredible since they’re made with a variety of berries like raspberry, acai, blueberry and more. Here are a few favorites that Luzi and I tried out:

Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Mask

Anything for dewy skin! Peel masks are my favorite because they’re extremely satisfying to take off and you don’t have to deal with the mess of washing it off in the sink. Though I didn’t notice a ton of illumination after using this one, my skin did feel very refreshed and tightened and my pores were minimized. I imagine if you used it more often, you’d find that benefit to be true. Apply a thin layer and be sure to peel this off carefully or you may irritate your skin!

Be Berry Ready Daily Foaming Cleanser

I’m a sucker for a foaming cleanser. This one smells amazing because of the blackberry and coconut milk in it. Afterward, my skin felt super soft and ready for whatever serums or other products I planned on putting on next. While I love spending money on skincare, I think cleanser is an area where there’s truly no need to splurge so this is a good option. I’ve even found this can remove a surprisingly decent amount of make-up, which is another added plus.

Be Berry Fresh Balancing Mud Mask

I have to admit, Luzi had a hard time squeezing this one out of the tube to put on! Mud masks are obviously pretty thick so that has something to do with it, but nonetheless, softening the mask in the tube with your hands beforehand may help. For a more even application of mud masks, I’m really enjoying e.l.f.’s face mask applicator. I got it for just $5 at Target! This balancing mud masks targets pores too and draws out impurities, which Luzi mostly found to be true.

What do you think of face masks? Share your favorites in the comments below! I love trying new ones. Have a great week everyone 🙂

This post was brought to you by Formula 10.0.06, but all opinions are my own.

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