Undone, Beachy Waves

A little over a month ago, I talked about getting the perfect at-home blowout and soft curls but today, I want to talk all about easy, feminine waves. It’s no secret that summer’s warm weather brings along sundresses and sandals. It also means the arrival of beachy waves, which are truly perfect to match any effortless look. It’s the look that tricks people into thinking you “woke up like this,” even if you didn’t! Keep reading to learn more about how I get undone summer waves and some of favorite hair products at the moment!

I personally find that creating undone, beachy waves is made easiest when using second-day hair. If my hair is too clean, it won’t hold a curl or if it does, that curl falls within an hour or two no matter the amount of hairspray I use. Usually, I dry shampoo my hair on the first day (love DryBar’s Triple Sec or Klorane’s) to absorb any grease so on the second day, I use dry conditioner to add moisture and life back into it.

Once I’ve prepped my hair, I’m ready to create the waves and I LOVE using T3 Micro’s Whirl Trio for this. I adore it because it comes with three interchangeable curling wands of various sizes. This makes it ideal not only for creating different looks for various occasions, but also to create distinct curls and waves that so often define the “undone” look because really, how undone are waves if they’re all the same shape and size?!

For this look, I section my hair off with clips and alternate the curls toward and away from my face. After each section, I switch barrels and add in curls of a different size and alternate directions again. I prefer using the 1 inch and 1.5 inch barrels. After curling, run your fingers through each strand of hair or use a wide tooth comb to loosen them up even more. Finish with a texturizing or sea salt spray to really channel a beach vibe!

While the price may appear steep for the Whirl Trio, remember that you’re really getting three curling wands. If you do the math, it’d be about $90 for each wand, which is worth it in my opinion. It also comes with a glove to avoid burning yourself, a mat, and a travel bag which is super convenient. As for one of my favorite hair products lately, I’ve recently fallen in love with R+Co’s High Dive Moisture + Shine Creme after receiving it in my BirchBox last month. I use it after showering and it makes my hair super soft and smells amazing.

How do you create loose, beachy waves for summer? If you have any product suggestions or general tips, be sure to let me know in the comments below and enjoy the rest of your week!

This post was brought to you by T3 Micro, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Jennifer

    Hi, I think the easiest and the healthiest way to create “undone” beachy waves is to use a sea salt spray + weaving braids or buns for the night.


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