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I feel like I talk about the weather, in the beginning, all of my posts, but Chicago’s is just so crazy unpredictable. How can I not, right? One day it’s 55 out and feels like spring (kind of like today) and the next it’s freezing and windy as anything. Despite this, I’ve had winter haircare on the mind. As many of you know, I’ve been super obsessed with skincare and taking care of my skin lately. Now, I’m starting to get the same way with my hair.

After I decided to go full-on blonde last summer, my hair was incredibly damaged and fried from all of the color used on it. Now, I’m growing out my roots! My hair is naturally quite healthy and beautiful and I want to get back to that. So, I recently got a much-needed haircut from Deron, the Creative Director of Civello Salon + Spa in Lincoln Park. He had some super helpful tips so I wanted to share those and my ideas as well. Click read more below to check them out!

Use  hairspray on your hands to tame flyaways.

When I came in, Deron asked me what I struggle with hair wise in the winter. I immediately blurted out, “flyways.” I have short, broken hairs near my root and various baby hairs that love to fly around in Chicago’s wind. I’ve never found a perfect remedy. I’ve tried creams, serums, and oils but all of them ultimately weigh down my hair and rid of whatever volume I had.

Instead, Deron showed me to spray hairspray on my hands and then gently run my hands down and over my flyaways to set them. Voila. They’re gone and without ruining my hairstyle itself. He used this one on me.

Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Though I don’t always remember to do this each week, when I do, my hair loves me for it. It’s always just the hydration my hair needs. My favorite cheap option is HASK’s charcoal purifying conditioning treatment. If you have some money to spend, buy this Briogeo one instead.

On top of this, I use a conditioning spray to detangle my hair when I get out of the shower. The best two I’ve found are Honest Company’s and Briogeo’s. No matter the spray, I always use it in conjunction with my Wet Brush. As someone with tangle-prone hair, it’s been so helpful. P.S. Speaking of brushes, they will always distribute product more evenly than your hands.

Keep hair washing to a minimum.

I’m the worst at this, especially because I work out six out of seven days of the week. A good sweat session means I need to hop in the shower and wash my hair afterward. Since I have to wash my hair so often, Deron recommended I skip the shampoo a few times a week and instead massage in some conditioner. If you can, wash your hair less often.

Something else worth noting is you should never sleep with wet hair. Your hair is in its most fragile state when wet and if you move around a lot, you’re causing breakage (#guilty). This happens when you sleep on dry hair too but not as much. Either way, try a silk pillowcase as it’s much easier on your hair than cotton.

Use dry conditioner instead of dry shampoo.

Dry shampoo practically revolutionized the hair industry. Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it was definitely life-changing for us consumers. Gone are the days of greasy, second-day hair. Instead, dry shampoo extends the life of a style. The downside is dry shampoo is just that: drying. Meet dry conditioner. A fine mist that works to hydrate, revive, and add shine to your hair. I need to grab some! I’m wanting to try this one.

What are your best practices for taking care of your hair during the rough, winter months here in Chicago (or anywhere else honestly)? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great week everyone!

Thank you so much to Civello for having me in and partnering with me for this post!

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