My Winter Uniform

So, I haven’t gone shopping for any casual, day-to-day clothing in months. I’ve been wearing the same pieces over and over again, thus the title of this post. I know, I NEED to go shopping and find some nice new pieces but I haven’t made time for it! Instead, I’ve been trying to mix and match my wardrobe and make the most of what I have. That’s reality, right? Though I have to say, it hasn’t been easy to do.

Considering all of that, this outfit has truly become my go-to this winter. It’s cute, comfy, put together, and simple. I’m reusing pieces, staying warm in Chicago’s bitter cold, and still looking and feeling great. Click read more below to keep reading!

This past weekend, I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my best friend/sorority sister Rikki and her wedding party. We went to Brideside in the West Loop and it was an amazing experience, honestly. I don’t have any biological sisters, so I’m super excited to be part of Rikki’s wedding this November! Afterward, my other best friend/sorority sister Luzi and I grabbed brunch at Bar Siena and spent the day together. Big thanks to her for taking these photos!

I wore this for my long day out as I knew it would keep me warm and be comfortable enough to walk around the city in. My mom bought me this scarf from ALDO as a Christmas present and it’s proven to be a really versatile piece. Because it has various shades of pink, gray, and cream, it goes with a lot of my other pieces. Though you can’t see underneath my scarf (thanks, winter), I’m wearing an oatmeal colored sweater and a jeweled necklace.

P.S. If you need some new denim, these high-waisted ones from J.Crew are great for athletic builds. I bought mine a size or two too big, but would absolutely recommend them. My bag is also on sale. I LOVE Dagne Dover and all of their stuff. Mine’s the 13″ tote in onyx.

What pieces have you been wearing over and over again this winter? Let me know in the comments below! Lord knows I need to start doing some more shopping. Have a great week, everyone and happy Monday!

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3 thoughts on “My Winter Uniform

  1. Kristi

    That’s totally how I feel about my wardrobe every winter around this time! February rolls around and I’m SO SICK of everything I own, yet I am not willing to buy more winter clothes anymore, haha! All for reusing and rematching!!

    XO, Kristi
    Kristi Means Business


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