Winter Coat Roundup

Winter coats

Chicago’s winter has finally begun and along with it comes plenty of cold weather and snow, of course. Living in such a cold place, Austin and I both have several coats for various occasions and weather conditions. Naturally, I thought it may be helpful to share a few picks and why you should have certain styles. Click read more below to check them out!

I’ll start off by saying that a winter coat is typically not cheap, at least not a good one anyway. A great winter coat is definitely an investment, but one that you’ll be glad you made once you’re in freezing temperatures. If you buy a higher quality coat from somewhere like The North Face or Patagonia, you can be sure it’ll last you several winters.

A parka

I’ve had my eye on this one from J.Crew for some time now. Its silhouette is somehow classic yet doesn’t fall into the typical, ugly parka trap. It will run you about $350 but like I mentioned before, it’s a worthy investment. My favorite thing about this one is that it’s made of stadium-cloth wool and has a removable, faux-fur hood. Want something warmer? Check out this one.

A fun coat (colored, patterned, etc.)

Whether it’s colored or patterned, a fun coat is perfect for those times when you want to make a statement. If I’m wearing a monotone outfit or something simple in general, I rely on my coat to do the talking. If your style isn’t very bold or colorful, don’t worry. My fun coat is pale pink! Just find something that speaks to you and isn’t the same as everything else.

A wrap coat

Wrap coats are effortlessly chic and look incredible when paired with heels or over-the-knee boots. Think Olivia Pope. My wrap coat is a dark gray Michael Kors one but this BCBG one is just as gorgeous. Whenever I’m wearing a really cute outfit that I don’t want to ruin with my ugly parka, I reach for this. It’s cute and warm.

A peacoat

This is another classic silhouette your wardrobe needs. If you don’t have any other coat, I’d recommend one of these. It’s ideal because it goes with any casual or work outfit you may be wearing. The shape tends to be flattering on most body types as well. I bought mine in a light ivory shade at J.Crew a few years ago and it’s held up well.

A trench coat

I like to think of trench coats as adult rain coats. For whatever reason, it’s just not socially acceptable (or very flattering for that matter) to wear a traditional rain jacket. This army green one puts a spin on the traditional, tan trench coat. Not only is it a gorgeous color, but it’s also the most affordable of the bunch at just $39.99 at ZARA.

A furry coat

I’m on the look out for the perfect furry coat and I think this may just be it. I love that its asymmetrical and has a bit of black too so that wearing it wouldn’t entirely wash me out. I think this type of faux-fur coat is the new leopard coat. I’m going to have to consider adding this piece to my closet!

What do you think of my picks? Would you wear any of them? Let me know in the comments below. If you live in Chicago or another cold place, what coat do you own that serves as your go-to? Have a great weekend, everyone!

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