What’s Worked for Me: Working Out + Eating Well

What a title for a blog post, am I right? Well, I have two words about both subjects: it’s tough. Working out, eating well, taking care of yourself, all while balancing “normal” life activities like work, school, family, etc. I’ve talked about this on LPM a bit before (check out that blog post here), but I wanted to take some time to update everyone.

Click read more to learn about my latest workout routine and my favorite way to pack a healthy lunch for work or school.


Above is my workout plan! It changes every few months but this is more or less what I stick with.  I aim to do two days of cardio, three days of weight lifting (arms/shoulders, legs/booty, and back) and take two rest days. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll sometimes add a third day of light cardio like walking on the treadmill for an hour.

I’ve also added what weight I do for each exercise. I only started taking weight lifting seriously toward the end of last summer so I’ve worked up my strength a bit. Feel free to adjust exercises accordingly. Everyone is different! I initially used really low weights.

If you’re not sure what something is, I recommend looking it up on YouTube or Google to watch a tutorial. Take a day or two at the gym to simply get situated with what machines and other equipment you may need to be using. Once you feel comfortable, you’ll be able to focus and perform better. I still get mini anxiety attacks over being one of few women in the free weight area.

  1. I plan ahead.

    This has been absolutely huge. By planning out my workouts at the start of each week, I can adjust them to my schedule accordingly. For example, some days would be better for a rest or leg work out than others. I write my workouts in my planner and keep a separate workout calendar on the wall in my kitchen. Seeing a week of completed workouts crossed off every time I walk in and out of that room is extremely motivating.

  2. I hold myself accountable.

    Writing down my workouts and scheduling them in holds me accountable within itself, but I also try to motivate myself mentally throughout the week. If I have a really off day, I don’t force myself to go the gym. I can always go another day or not at all. Missing one day isn’t nearly enough to drag me down. In my head, I remind myself that I’m committed to feeling better and being healthier.

  3. I make it fun and doable.

    I’ve tried so many different workouts to find what I like best. I’m a huge believer that you shouldn’t do a workout you don’t enjoy. If you LOVE doing cardio every day, that’s great! You found what you love and you do it. If you’re unsure, keep trying. Go to a class, try weight lifting, make time to do yoga. Lastly, I’m realistic in my expectations of myself. I know change is slow and consistency is key to seeing results.


  1. I don’t restrict myself from eating certain foods.

    This is a very destructive habit that is easier to get into than you’d think. I’ve done it before. Guilty! But now, I eat whatever I want and maintain my body. The key is moderation. People often talk about how crucial moderation is and that’s for a reason. It’s totally okay to have pizza as long as you aren’t binge eating it. Limit yourself to a slice or two. It’s all about a lifestyle change, not a diet.

  2. I try my best to only keep whole/healthy foods in the house.

    This kind of goes along with the previous one. Personally, I’m the worst when it comes to unnecessary eating and snacking. Whenever I get a craving, I have to satisfy it. I often find myself eating when I’m not hungry or I’m bored or upset. In an effort to stop this, I keep healthy foods in the house and listen to my body more to try to stay in tune with it and its true needs.

  3. I pack lunches and try to cook more often.

    I recently got a PlanetBox lunch box (the Rover) and it’s incredible. I think having an amazing lunch box, a list of lunch ideas, and so on can really motivate you to pack a lunch instead of eating out, which gets expensive rather quickly. I’m kind of picky about my food touching too so the bento-box style is helpful. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re trying to be more conscientious of plastic and waste too.

Was getting healthier one of your New Year’s resolutions? How are you doing with it? Let me know in the comments below. I love talking about this kind of stuff!

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