What to Wear: Holiday Party

Christmas is only a few days away and though December has already been full of holiday party invites, the number of parties really ramps up when Christmas gets so close. So, I figured there couldn’t be a better time than now to share a look that you could wear to a holiday party or even a Christmas dinner.

Not many of my readers know this, but I am actually Canadian and all of my family besides my parents lives there. Tomorrow morning, we are driving from my parents’ house in North Carolina to Canada but will split up the travel into two days. I’m personally so excited for the rest of December but even more so for the new year. Nonetheless, if you wanna see more of this look, keep on reading below!

Last year during the holiday season, Austin and I were shopping around the Gold Coast and I fell in LOVE with this plaid Madewell skirt. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available but you can snag a similar one at Macy’s here for only $9.99! I immediately picked it up knowing I would wear it for years to come, especially around Christmas and during winter as a whole.

I’ve always been a sucker for plaid and have gotten more into skirts within the past year so I couldn’t pass on the festive combination. The silver zippers give it a bit of a mod vibe but the plaid is so timeless, which makes it a pretty unique piece. Since this is a standout, I wanted to keep the rest of my look fairly simple with black accents. My statement necklace perfectly tied into the bit of silver from the zippers.

Whenever you’re dressing for a holiday party or other function, I recommend dressing comfortably and confidently. You’ll likely be doing a lot of eating and drinking so unless you have some stretchy ones, I wouldn’t advise jeans. Skirts and dresses are always my go-tos for that exact reason. You also don’t want to wear anything you have to worry about (no thank you, wardrobe malfunction) or fidget with.

What will you be wearing for all your holiday festivities this year? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great weekend and Christmas, everyone. I’ll have one last post up for 2016 by the end of next week 🙂

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