A Colorful Cape

I’m a bit late getting this post up but it’s for good reason! I’m very excited to say that I’m having my blog transferred over to WordPress from Blogger. Blogger is what I’m more comfortable with using but I’m excited for all of the benefits using WordPress will bring. My site should be up and running Tuesday morning so keep an eye out for the new design.

Nonetheless, I wanted to get one last style post up before the switch all about this look. During winter, I tend to rely on items like sweaters and vests but thanks to a trend last year, I’ve been keener to trying a cape. Last Black Friday, I picked up this colorful one from EXPRESS and it’s definitely been a go-to whenever I’m unsure of what to wear. Click read more below to see more photos of this look and how I paired it with other items from my closet!

One of the reasons why I now love capes is because they’re a statement on their own. Everything else in your outfit can be simple pieces you probably already have in your closet. Underneath, I wore a plain black long-sleeve shirt but if you want more color, you can wear a colored shirt like this one. If you need more warmth, wear a thicker sweater like this turtleneck! Capes are really easy and incredibly cozy for fall and winter.

Because my cape has some black in it and my layering shirt is black too, I went with gray jeans. If you don’t any gray jeans, I highly recommend buying a pair. They’re ideal for when an outfit just doesn’t look right with blue or black ones. Mine have holes in the knees too, which adds a welcome bit of edge to any look when the holes aren’t hidden by over-the-knee boots. In my opinion, a cape and over-the-knee boots is a classic look that screams sophisticated. Take Olivia Palermo for example. If a monogrammed cape that chic isn’t goals, I don’t know what is!

Do you like capes for fall or do you prefer something else like a cardigan or simple sweater? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great weekend, everyone. I hope you’re all doing something fun! I’ll be working on my winter break class instead. The next time we chat, my site will be redesigned 🙂

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