5 Chicago Restaurants to Try Now

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Chicago has some incredible food. There’s no doubt about that. Oftentimes I struggle to branch out to new places and go outside my comfort zone. When there’s a dish I adore at a nearby restaurant, I find myself always coming back to it but where’s the fun in that? With so many places to try, I really need to keep exploring.

Because I don’t talk about food a whole lot here on LPM, I figured I would share with you some of my favorite restaurants I think you should try now. Be more adventurous than me and give these spots a chance. Click read more to check them out! Don’t forget to leave a comment sharing your favorite place(s).

1. For Italian: Pasta Palazzo

This is easily my favorite place for pasta and Italian food in Chicago. It’s not fancy by any means (think Rosebud) but it is delicious and feels a lot like home since it’s family-owned. My go-to here is the cavatappi pollo. Corkscrew noodles with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and chicken in a cream sauce. YUM.

2. For a date: Geja’s Cafe

There’s a reason people have called this spot one of the most romantic restaurants in the city. Their cheese fondue is absolutely delicious and their sommeliers are incredibly helpful for picking out the perfect fine wine to enjoy. The restaurant has been around since 1965 and they recently added a patio which will be perfect for summertime in the city.

3. For Thai: Pho’s Thai Cuisine

I came across this hidden gem one day when I was exploring the area around the Paulina brown line stop with one of my best friends. From the outside, it doesn’t look very promising but once you get through the door and experience the owner’s friendliness, you’ll be eager to eat. Their lunch special with vegetable soup and an entree like Pad Thai is a great deal and serving size.

4. For a drink: Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba

I know many people that call this place a staple but in the same breath, a lot of my friends have never been here. Their sangria is absolutely delicious and surprisingly so is their Moscow mule. It tastes unique in some way that I can’t put my finger on. If you want some of their amazing tapas, I recommend the bacon wrapped dates (to die for) and spicy potatoes.

5. For brunch: Bakin’ & Eggs

Brunch in Chicago can feel a bit overdone sometimes (no pun intended) but this spot is refreshing. My little sister in my sorority, Luzi, took me here several weeks ago and I’ve already been dying to go back. I had an iced chai and ham, scrambled eggs, and gruyere cheese on a croissant. The house potatoes that came with my meal are not to be missed either.

What are your favorite restaurants in Chicago for specific cravings or cuisines? Let me know in the comments below. I’m looking for another date night spot or maybe somewhere to grab holiday cocktails šŸ™‚

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