Turning 21: Happy Birthday to Me!

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My birthday is TODAY and I’m turning 21. I actually can’t believe it! 20 was always an awkward age in my opinion. I wasn’t a 19 year old teenager but I wasn’t a 21 year old adult. So, though I’m actually scared to be turning 21 and heading into my “young adult” years, I’m incredibly excited as well.

To celebrate, my parents, Austin, and I have been in San Francisco for the past few days. Today, we picked up a gorgeous and delicious cake from Kara’s Cupcakes. It’s banana with passion fruit filing and a coconut cream cheese frosting. YUM! We also enjoyed a delicious brunch at A Kitchen Story with bottomless mimosas.. Just what I needed to celebrate. Now, we’re off to shop and later, we’ll enjoy dinner at 5A5 Steak Lounge. I couldn’t ask for a more ideal day.

After our time here, we are heading to Monterey to drive along the gorgeous coast and we end our trip in Napa Valley so I can finally develop my palate when it comes to wine. I feel incredibly blessed to spend time with the three people I love most and explore such a beautiful state. This birthday will certainly be one I never forget. 

Thank you greatly for all the love and support you’ve given me and Lincoln Park Minute. Cheers (literally) to my 21st! I can’t wait to see all that my next year of life holds.

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