Self-Care: Why I Went M.I.A

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If you’ve been a follower of myself and Lincoln Park Minute, you may have noticed I haven’t posted the past few months nearly as much as I used to. Unfortunately, I found writing for LPM was becoming more of a chore rather than a hobby I enjoyed. Of course, my blog is like a part-time job for me but it was hard. I was stuck. At times, I didn’t feel like I should continue with it and that’s the thing with blogging: it isn’t always glam.

As of late, I’ve obviously found more purpose within Lincoln Park Minute and for that, I’m so grateful and happy. Whether that was triggered by something or just happened on its own, I’m not sure but I’m so thankful for it because writing the past few weeks has been rewarding and invigorating. I really missed creating and putting out content.

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One of the reasons I think I went M.I.A. is my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I never really had anxiety until high school but I was diagnosed the spring of my senior year (2013) and it affected me greatly. Nonetheless, I started some medicine that helped immensely. After two years or so, I felt like it wasn’t working anymore and that I didn’t necessarily need it. With the discretion and help of both my doctor and loved ones, I decided to brave the journey of tapering off my anti-anxiety medicines. I took my very last pill on May 21 and I’ve been doing great since.

In light of all this, I wanted to just openly tell you guys what I feel was going on and a few things I feel were crucial to my overall health and self-care. We often work ourselves into the dirt or focus more on others that we don’t always get the attention we deserve. Now that I’m dedicating time to myself and sometimes even scheduling or forcing “me time,” I feel much less anxious and more level-headed,

What do you guys think of self-care? What tips do you have for staying sane and in control of your life? Let me know in the comments below!


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One thought on “Self-Care: Why I Went M.I.A

  1. EV

    Thanks so much for sharing! That's great to hear you've been off your anxienty meds since May. I'm sure that wasn't easy. I can't relate to your GAD but I do also feel pressured & stressed with normal things that occur in our lives. I don't think anything is wrong with taking time off from the blog. It's good to step away from things like that and also 'me time' is so important. I've found that meditating has been really helpful in my life.



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