Packing for Summer Vacation

What to Pack: Summer Vacation

I’m writing this as Austin and I sit in our hotel just hours before our flight leaves Rome via Amsterdam to Chicago. A week ago, I had never been on a cruise nor to Europe. Now, I can confidently say I’ve experienced both and truly loved it! I’m so grateful for the memories we’ve created.

Nonetheless, a week long trip anywhere can be daunting to pack for. So what exactly do you pack? And how much of it?! Click read more below to see 🙂

1. Clothing

Depending on where you’re going and for how long, this can vary but for Europe, I packed two pairs of dress shorts, one pair of denim shorts, and four pairs of athletic shorts. For tops, I brought a handful of casual and dressy. It’s also always a great idea to bring one to two comfortable sundresses you can rely on. A jean jacket is great for layering and you may need a swim suit or two for swimming.

2. Accessories

You should absolutely bring a straw hat should you be near a beach. If your destination is sunny, don’t forget sunnies. Don’t pack an expensive pair if you tend to lose yours or plan on wearing them in the ocean, though! For jewelry, bring a watch, statement necklace, and earrings at the very least to make your clothing go further. Don’t forget a tote bag or larger purse to use as your carry-on for the long flight and a smaller, day purse to use during your day trips.

3. Shoes

This is where I tend to overpack. To be frank, shoes are bulky to pack and most of the time, I pack pairs I didn’t even get enough wear out of to bring. For my trip, I brought casual beach flip-flops, dressier gold sandals, running shoes, and my espadrilles. This way, I had more options yet didn’t have to sacrifice space nor style. Consider how much room you have and the amount of walking you’ll be doing. Blisters are not fun on vacay.

4. Other musts

Of course, you need your toiletries! I prefer to bring my own shampoo and conditioner, as well as face wash. If you’re going abroad, bring an outlet converter. Remember to pack headphones, chargers, etc. Lastly, I always like to travel with a pen, a small lotion, lip balm, a nude lipstick, Kleenx, and a hand sanitizer in my purse or carry-on.

What do you guys think are some summer vacation essentials to pack? Are you an over-packer like me? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Keep an eye out for a travel recap video on the new, Lincoln Park Minute YouTube channel soon!



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