Essentials: Hair Care

I feel as though most people have pretty decent skincare regimens, especially if you’re a twenty-something female like myself. But what about your hair? Do you actually take time to think about the products you’re buying and using? I didn’t until I started getting highlights a few years ago.

Now, my haircare routine has become much more important to me. It shouldn’t take chemically altering my hair to make me more careful yet it did! Nonetheless, today I’m sharing with you my favorite hair care products I think everyone should have. Click read more below to see which ones I picked!

1. Shampoo and conditioner

For years, I was buying drugstore shampoo and conditioner to wash my long, thick and often color treated hair. Once I got to college, I quickly realized that was often more damaging than beneficial. Since then, I’ve tried a few products but my favorite lately has been Function of Beauty’s personalized shampoo and conditioner duo.

The price per bottle is comparable to what you’d pay for a higher end shampoo and conditioner anywhere else but with Function of Beauty, you get to choose the scent, color, and formulate it for your hair type and concerns. Plus, you get to pick a name! So cute and functional 😉 You can save $5 if you order here!

2. Heat protectant

I’ve been straightening my hair ever since I can remember. I’m not a big blow-dryer or curling iron girl but I do love my straightener. I actually just bought a second one, but my first one lasted me seven years. No lie! In order to protect my hair, a heat protectant is absolutely essential (hence the name of this post). I’ve tried a few high-end ones but none smell as great and work as well as TRESemme’s Thermal Creations Heat Tamer spray. It lasts several months as well, depending on how often you use it. $5.49 for 8 oz? You honestly can’t beat the price and quality.

Image via Urban Outfitters

3. Purpling shampoo and treatment

For my blondes out there, this is crucial. Going super light blonde and getting a lot of highlights the past year or so has taken its toll on my hair. What’s even worse is if I don’t use the proper products, my highlights can turn brassy and gold.

To remedy this, I’ve typically used Clariol’s Shimmer Lights purpling shampoo which admittedly works well. Sometimes, it can feel like it’s stripping my hair which is a big no-no. While I was looking for something new at Ulta, I found this Paul Mitchell purpling shampoo and John Frieda blonde treatment. Both have worked wonders for my blonde hair and keep it cool, icy blonde. I recommend keeping both products in a bit longer than the recommended time and use each 1-2 times a week.

4. Leave-in conditioner

I use a leave-in conditioner for several reasons. For one, it doubles as a detangler if you have knotty hair like me. Second, it locks in the moisture you just got from your shower. If your hair is colored, this Terax Life Drops one even locks in the color to make it last much longer. Post-shower, gently towel dry your hair, spray leave-in conditioner all over, and brush through with the BEST brush ever invented: the Wet Brush.
What are your haircare essentials? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking to try new products.


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