The Guide: Finding Your Signature Scent

Smell is a powerful sense. A whiff of a particular perfume can take us right back to a moment, perhaps reminding of us of someone. That’s why everyone needs a signature scent; so you smell like you. But how exactly do you go about finding one? That’s a different and much more difficult story that needs more discussion than it gets. 

With summer coming up, there’s never been a better time to search after your favorite scent. Click read more below to find your own signature scent with my concise guide!

I’ve broken down this guide into three categories of scents below. I personally like to change my scent depending on where I’m going, the season, and much more so these three categories are meant to help you decide on a scent for various occasions. 

Mysterious // Sexy // Woodsy

I recently got Gucci’s Bamboo for Christmas and I’ve been wearing it non-stop, getting compliments practically every time I wear it. It’s the ideal balance of musky and sexy. It’s dark but not limited to daytime wear. Though its name and packaging may imply otherwise, Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue is a true classic with hints of cedar wood and white rose. The ideal vacation scent. Anyone who likes spicer scents will love Si by Giorgio Armani. It’s airy yet deep, destined to become a modern classic.

Sweet // Floral // Chic

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I’m personally a sucker for sweet scents. Viktor & Rolf’s first perfume, Flowerbomb, has been a wild success but they recently launched this extremely concentrated version of the scent in a “precious oil.” I’ve been lucky enough to try it out and I really do love it. Though I don’t own it, Dolce & Gabbana’s Dolce is a light, refreshing scent that still has floral undertones for summer. Lastly, Chloe’s has become a staple of mine. I like wearing it as a winter scent, even though it is floral.

Don’t forget that fragrances smell very different on everyone. It’s also important that you let the scent linger after testing it. I’ve found that the best scents sort of stick with you throughout the day, no matter how many errands you’ve run. The smell often changes as the day goes on as well so pick one out, try it out, and make that scent represent you.

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