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Happy Rebel Box is the subscription box you didn’t know you needed. It serves as a way for Founder Johanna Engelsgjerd to share fresh new pieces with other women who like luxe accents and prefer a more modern and edgy style. 
Learn more about Johanna, Happy Rebel, and all that makes it worth your while below! Click read more below to read my latest feature.

LPM: How would you describe the Happy Rebel look?
JE: Classic lines, neutral color palates, metallics, a minimalist aesthetic, monochrome with an edgy element to it. The difference is in the details. For example, our Girl’s Night Out box contains a few wardrobe staples, but with a twist – a statement necklace with a heavy antiqued chain, a clutch with a snakeskin texture and metallic print, nail polish in a dark matte finish, and more. 
Our Happy Rebel members can wear one item from their box to spice up their outfit, or combine them together (and incorporate their own style) for the ultimate rocker-chic look. Each box has its own themed collection, and the items selected for the box fit the theme as well as the Happy Rebel aesthetic. If you like the Happy Rebel look, you will love each of our collections, no matter the theme!

LPM: What has been the most challenging aspect of creating and now running your own business?
JE: All of the challenges I have experienced thus far boil down to a common theme – learning to trust myself. I am a pretty confident person, but I am also a perfectionist. I am scared of making the wrong decision. Guess what? I have already made plenty, and the world didn’t come close to falling apart when they happened! Everything still worked out just fine. I know it sounds cliché, but every mistake has genuinely been a positive learning experience. Each one has only helped me be able to better respond to the next difficult situation I encounter. They guide me down the path to the right decisions in the future, so I wouldn’t have the knowledge I do now without them.
LPM: What kept you going in seeing this company through from concept to launch?
JE: While the challenges were many, and I definitely second-guessed myself a few times, the real driving force to start this business and keeping it going is being able to use this company as an opportunity to pay it forward.
Unfortunately, many girls haven’t grown up “knowing” they can accomplish great things.  While I know I won’t be able to achieve world peace, I am starting my business on the foundation of contributing as much as I can to achieve justice and opportunity for women and girls across America and around the world. I want to bring awareness to our key issues such as violence against women, fighting sex trafficking and extreme poverty, as well as create opportunities for education and economic self-advancement. Each box will highlight a different non-profit partner, and 10% of the profits will go to the organization. Our members can feel good knowing they are supporting an organization that gives back.

LPM: Do you have any helpful advice for young college women looking to become entrepreneurs?

JE: People say to follow your passion, but I like to say it a little bit differently – find what you love doing, then figure out how to make money doing it. Find a problem that needs solving, and provide the solution.  
Any free time you think you have disappears when you start your own business. At times you may wonder if you will get a good night’s sleep ever again. The to-do list goes on forever, and you are never really “done” at the end of the day. Finding the time is difficult, but not impossible. You just must be ready and committed to pour everything into it if you want to succeed.  
Putting together Happy Rebel Box has taken about a year to actually launch it the way I wanted to because I’m super selective. I’ve learned some very important lessons about reaching the goal of making things come together like the picture in my head. When you own your own business, every single decision is yours, and you have to find a way to tell your story in a way that will hopefully resonate with your audience.
LPM: Where do you see Happy Rebel Box in a few years?
JE: I am so excited to see Happy Rebel grow! My hope is that it will take on a life of its own as our Happy Rebels continue to share their excitement about us with other women. The next step for us (hopefully very soon) is to expand our online retail store to offer additional jewelry and apparel pieces that complement the themed collection for each box. These capsule collections will be available in limited quantities for a short time, just like our boxes. You can join our email list to received invitations to view these collections as soon as they are released!
If you want to learn even more about Happy Rebel, you can click here. Interested in purchasing one (or all of them) for yourself? Subscribe quarterly for $100 or annually for $330 using code LPM50 for $50 off. Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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