The Best Denim for Athletic Figures

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Guys, denim is hard to shop for. Whether you’re a size 4 or a size 10, it’s never exactly fun. I personally dread shopping for denim because it involves going to a handful of store and continuously putting on and taking off pants that are rarely comfortable.

I feel like this is a common struggle among women, especially those with more athletic or curvy figures, so I wanted to share some of my favorite picks. Click read more the check those out below!
1. American Eagle’s jeggings
Leggings and jeans in one? Sign me up. These combine the comfort and flexibility of a legging with the look and style of a jean. I’m really not a big fan of AE as a whole, but their jeans are often better than most other stores. I will say that I have to size up a few here but the jeggings are so stretchy, it’s not a problem. Another tip: they can bleed in the wash so turn them inside out or by themselves. I have pretty short legs for being 5″6′ so I get these in the shorter hem. 
I was just introduced to these by one of my friends, Lily, and I love them! They’re more expensive than I would typically want to spend but once I tried them on, I realized their price is so justified. These feel like a quality denim, especially when compared to AE’s. I love the little details like the stitching and the small ‘h&b’ on the back pocket. They’re definitely a pair that I feel like I can breathe and walk around comfortably in no problem. P.S. The story of how they came about is adorable. Read here
3. TOPSHOP’s Leigh & Joni jeans
The best part about these is they have them in tall, petite, and even some maternity sizes. They are crazy stretchy as well (is anyone seeing a trend here in my jean preferences?). Haha. They’re those jeans that you put on and feel like they’re hugging you in all the right places. They can shrink a bit after each wash, but they stretch right back to their original shape. The Leigh style is ideal for daytime/work/casual and the Joni style is best for nighttime/going out. If you don’t fancy high-waisted styles though, I wouldn’t recommend these for you.
What are you favorite brands and styles of jeans?! Let me know in the comments below as I’m always searching for new ones to try out. 
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