Essentials: Growing Your Instagram

Whether you’re a blogger or not, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks and platforms out there right now. As with anything else, it can be mastered. Lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my own Instagram so I’ve decided to share my tips.

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1. Utilize Iconosquare and do some research.

Essentially, Iconosquare is a website that allows you to dig into your Instagram bit by bit and view lots of crucial statistics and other analytics. Once you take the time to really analyze all of this information, you can think about when to strategically post to maximize likes and engagement. You can even see what hashtags and filters perform best. They now charge for a membership but if you’re a blogger or own a business, it’s worth it. If not, just use their 7 day free trial! Take all of this information and use it to your advantage.

2. Create an aesthetic and brand yourself.

First, learn what you want your brand to be. Take a few minutes to brainstorm what you like and who you consider yourself to be. You can become all of these by staying consistent with your colors and overall theme. It’s much simpler than it sounds and it doesn’t need to be perfect by any means. However, it helps for your followers to know exactly who you are and what you like (which shows through your photos). Be sure to get familiar with photo-editing apps and read my post on the ones I use here. As you post photos and come to know yourself and brand, you’ll be able to learn what fits your brand and what doesn’t. Look at the profiles of your favorite Instagrammers for help here.

3. Build relationships and a community.

Content is king but so is engagement. People will comment on your posts and reach out to you more often when you reply back to them. They like to feel like they have a friendship with you. Simply put, you can create a sense of community by just being genuine and getting to know your followers. Comment on their posts, direct message them if you wanna know more about them, and so on. If they have a question about something, take the time to answer it. It can be really interesting getting to know everyone that cares enough to follow you.

4. Use hashtags, locations, and tagging abilities.

Hashtags can be incredibly annoying when used improperly. You can hashtag about 30 times on Instagram in a post but don’t do so in the caption itself but rather in a comment. Localize your photos too! Your followers can see what spots you frequent. It’s another way to get more personal. Last of all, tag relevant accounts and brands! If you’re wearing Nordstrom, why wouldn’t you tag them? This one I can’t stress enough. They might just repost your photo.

What do you swear by to build a better Instagram? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know so I can use your tips!


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