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Sometime in October, when I was still interning at Skirt PR, I was lucky enough to attend an event at Rent the Runway in the Gold Coast. I had heard a lot about the beauty app PrettyQuick and of Coco herself so it was a pleasant surprise that I’d be hearing her speak on her business and how she came to build it. You all know I love a great girl boss story, especially those incredible women right here in Chicago, so I’m fortunate Coco took the time to share even more of her story with me and my readers.
Click the read more button below to keep on reading, learn more about PrettyQuick, Coco, and get $15 towards any beauty service booked through the app!

Lincoln Park Minute: Tell me a
little bit about yourself.
Coco Meers: Part Southern belle, part Francophile, I grew up in
Alabama and moved to Paris, after a few years in New York, working for beauty
giant L’Oreal. I have lived in Chicago
since 2009 when I moved here to get my MBA and build a better way for women to
book beauty! I live in Lincoln Park
(woot, woot) with my husband and baby girl. I love entrepreneurship, ballet, dirty martinis, and smart women.
LPM: What is the
story behind PrettyQuick? Why did you start the app? And how?
CM: Like so many other time-pressed young professionals,
I was frustrated that despite the plethora of things we can book on our mobile
devices, an eyebrow wax or blowout is not one of them! One flight delay
later (wishing I could have used that time to squeeze in a manicure!), I worked
out the foundations of a business plan for my beauty-booking app
Five years and thousands of salons later, that kernel of an
idea is the nation’s leading appointment marketplace for salon and spa
services. Members can easily find and book appointments at any one of
PrettyQuick’s editor-vetted salons. In addition to hassle-free booking,
members benefit from a suite of perks including cashless payment and off-peak
LPM: What is your
favorite part about PQ?
CM: I’m obsessed with our newest feature, PrettyNOW,
available on iOS only. You pull
up your app and we show you all the best places right around you that have
available openings that day (up to 30%
off!). You simply choose the time you
want, and you’re done.
LPM: What are some
of the best salons and spas on PQ that you’d recommend for budgeting college
CM: With PrettyNOW, you can get discounts at ALL your
favorite salons no matter what your budget. Need a mani in Lincoln Park? I
love the tried and true Tres Bien Nails on Armitage. Want to splurge on a massage post
finals? Try the Spa at the Trump for 30%
off ALL Wednesday and Thursday.
LPM: Your favorite
PQ spots that are up and coming?
CM: We’re constantly adding new salons and spas. Every week we add dozens of new local
favorites, legacy institutions, and up and coming providers to our
network. I love Glam Express on Halstead
for a unique blowout or mani/pedi environment. 
LPM: If you
could’ve done anything differently with the whole process of PQ, what would it
CM: I would have been more aggressive earlier on with
raising money and growing the team. When
you have a great idea and a model that’s working, you want to spread the word
as quickly as possible!
LPM: What have
been some of your biggest successes and failures within PQ? What did you learn?
CM: Listening is key. When we first launched our business, we built a product for salons and
spas that we thought was perfect, but it wasn’t serving their exact needs. If you stop building for a minute and start
observing, your customers will tell you exactly what to build! 
LPM: What would
your advice be to young female entrepreneurs?
CM: Just do it! If you have an idea for a product or service (or philanthropic platform) you think NEEDS to
exist (and you’ve talked to enough people to validate that your excitement is
justified) then just start creating. Write down your plan. What
problem are you solving? How will you
make money? What technology do you need
to get started? Who do you need to help
Technology is becoming more and
more pervasive so finding a like-minded peer who wants to co-build your
brainchild might be easier than you think. Take a deep breath and enjoy the creative process. Best case, you solve
a meaningful problem and retire at 30. Worst case, you learn more than any school could ever teach you and have
a blast.
LPM: What was one
of the biggest projects in your career that you’re proud of?
CM: PrettyQuick, of course! I have the most amazing team a girl could ask
for. I am so proud every day of the work
they do and I take a lot of satisfaction when I can tell they genuinely love
their jobs. Some days are crazy of
course, but at the end of the day it’s so rewarding for me that I’ve helped
create an environment for their ideas to flourish.
Wow, what an inspiring woman to say the least! Am I right? Coco is a total girl boss. Want to try out Pretty Quick for yourself? Well, PQ and I have teamed up to bring you $15 toward any service you book using the app. 
Just enter the code ‘LPM15’ or use this exact link you can click here. Happy beautifying! Treat yourself this month after all of the gifting you’re doing for others. I especially love Salon V on Webster for hair services, DreamDry for a blowout, and Midcity Nails for realistic looking acrylics!

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