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Travel beauty is difficult. At home, we all have our own beauty routines that we pretty much stick to but travel complicates things. 3.oz or less items, dry skin from the airplane, and usually less sleep. After traveling to Thailand this past summer, I think I have my travel beauty bag down pat.

To give you a little perspective, my little in my sorority, Luzi, has also decided to share what is in her beauty bag when she travels! Click the button below to read more.

Meghan: My biggest priority when I know I’m traveling is to keep my skin moisturized and clean. As far as moisture goes, I’m still a huge fan of Clinique’s Gel Moisturizer that is best for combination skin. If I already have makeup on, Evian’s travel size spray is my go-to. I use it to set my makeup, refresh my skin, and look more awake. I have one of these in every bag, I swear.

As for my makeup and hair products, I try to take the sample size ones I seem to hoard. HASK Hair’s Argan Oil is great for keeping my hair moisturized on the go. Makeup isn’t a huge priority for me when I travel, but I like to have the option of using it to look nice.

Luzi: Traveling is exhausting and stressful. I’ve done my makeup on long flights multiple times. YouTube vloggers always suggest boarding a plane with a fresh and washed face. I’ve done so during the last thirty minutes of the flight, I put on my full face so that I look decent deboarding the plane.

I also try to pack my makeup bag so I can carry it on and have my simple and essential items, leaving the rest of my makeup and hair stuff in my checked bag.

What beauty items must you have in your bag to travel with? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you Evian Facial Spray for the samples and sponsporing this post! I was compensated by way of free product, however, all opinions are truly my own.

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