Essentials: Midterms Stress Relief

College can bring about anxiety and stress even in the calmest of individuals. Though I’ve always had a generalized anxiety disorder, my stress levels have seemed to increase with each year I’m in college. Fortunately, after three years, I’ve found what works for me to reduce these problems. Some of them may seem like they are just common sense but when you’re stressed, it’s easy to forget how important small things are. 

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1. Eat healthily
I know this one is hard, especially for a broke college student. However, it’s extremely important. If your body isn’t receiving the nutrients it needs, you’ll be running on fumes and be able to tell. I notice when I eat junk food, I genuinely get so much more lethargic and cranky than normal. Try to eat your greens (even if you hate veggies like I do) and get protein in when you can. 

Oh, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugar as all three can trigger stress and anxiety. You might think that those three cups of coffee you’re drinking will help get you throughout the day but they’re truly doing yourself a disservice.

2. Get enough sleep
An absolute essential. Try not to use your phone for at least a half hour before bedtime so you won’t be stimulated and can fall asleep much more easily. If you can’t fall asleep, take a melatonin pill (the hormone that tells your body to go to sleep). Or try reading a book.

3. Try essential oils
Kelli Calvert of @essentially_sassy was kind enough to send me an introductory kit from doTERRA. I absolutely love to use these in my food, workouts, and everyday life. All of them have different benefits and can fit your lifestyle. Not to mention they are pure and therapeutic grade! Contact her to get your own or simply learn more. You’d be surprised at how versatile these things are.

4. Find an outlet

Whether it’s working out at the gym or listening to music while you write, you need to find a way to release everything that you’re thinking and feeling. For me, yoga helps a lot with my anxiety. It’s the one place where nothing is on my mind. Watch a movie or read a book. You can even sit in silence. The peace and quiet will help more than you may realize. 

5. Try to organize
If you’re often overwhelmed with tasks you need to complete, writing down a to-do list may help you. As you finish things, check them off your list. You’ll feel accomplished, even if the whole list isn’t entirely finished! It’ll also help give you an accurate sense of how much you have to do. Personally, the only thing that gets me through midterms is my to-do list.

No matter how stressed you may get, remember that you’re your number one priority. As is your mental and physical health. Good grades are important too, but not if the process of attaining them is affecting your well-being. Take care of yourself. You’re worth it! 🙂

What are your tips to staying stress-free? I would love to know so I can utilize them throughout my week of midterms!

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