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One the biggest trends for fall that I’m predicting, along with the magazines and websites, is bell shaped sleeves! This throwback to the 70’s is so versatile and I’m really excited to see how other people interpret it to include it in their own wardrobes.

The trend started this past spring but wasn’t seen hugely anywhere but the runways. Over the summer, some celebrities, including Bella Hadid, opted for a form of a bell shaped sleeve. Hadid’s sleeve was subtle and soft but nailed the trend.

You can read more below to see how I decided to wear this trend in my own way!

A dress paired with my Frye boots is one of my favorite looks for fall. I know it just turned September, but I can’t help but long for fall and cool weather! It’s absolutely my favorite season in Chicago. The cool weather makes it easier to dress, I think.
I was shopping at an outlet center recently and came across this LA Hearts dress in Pacsun. I normally don’t shop there, but I can usually find a thing or two. I love its unique take on stripes. It’s flowy and incredibly comfortable. The sleeves are a typical bell shape sleeve. They don’t have the exact pattern I bought online but they do have this one.
The flowiness of this particular dress can be unflattering so I suggest a belt. I tend to prefer the loose look though. If the sleeves are too baggy, they can make you appear larger than you really are. Just be mindful of this when styling and you can pull off the look.
If you’re not one for dresses, you can find plenty of bell shaped tops for fall. Forever 21 has many different options, especially if you’re on a budget. Look here. Keep in mind, you need a sleeve that is practical. For example, something you can wear a jacket over or eat dinner with. You don’t want your sleeves to become a nuisance.
The extremity of this trend has garner quite a bit of attention, especially on the runways internationally. Try it out for yourself and watch all the attention go right to you. Wear them with confidence!
What do you think of this trend? Would you wear it? Let me know in the comments below!


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