How-To: Mix Prints

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There’s something about mixing prints that makes everyone stay away from doing it! The fashion world itself is very leery of mixing prints unless it’s couture. Rarely, do you see business people in the real world mixing prints or even college students. However, if you know some basic rules, it’s completely doable.

Read on below to get to know the basics and start mixing prints in your own wardrobe!

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Mix prints that have some of the same colors //

Prints that have at least one of the same colors work very well together. If they have a few of the same colors, even better! It looks cohesive and it’s definitely wearable. The above photo is a great example. All three patterns are so varying but that pink brings them together.

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Use different prints of black and white //

Black and white is almost everyone’s favorite. It’s so classic and easy! The above photo shows that you can use separate prints in B&W but make it work. The woman above also uses a similar pattern in two different sizes which adds to why it looks great.

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Treat animal print as a neutral //

Why shouldn’t you? After all, it is a neutral! Whether it’s just a pair of shoes, a scarf, or bag, animal print can and should be mixed. Behind stripes, I’d say it’s the easiest to style. It can look fabulous amidst plaid, too. You can always mix animal prints with other animal prints.

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Graphic black and white can be used with more playful patterns //This is one of my favorite ways to mix prints because it looks gorgeous. Graphic B&Ws are stunning and put a spin on the classic colors. They’re funner than stripes. Look for prints with black backgrounds AND ones with white backgrounds so you can mix those for a bold look.


Stripes do go with anything //As an avid fan of stripes, it was hard to choose a photo as an example. Stripes look amazing next to all other colors and prints, honestly. Depending on the season, my favorite way to style them is either florals or plaid but a lot of people love them with polka dots (I’m not huge on polka dots). Don’t forget stripes aren’t just B&W!

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Mix a small scale and big scale print //
As bizarre as some of these looks may look to your eye, you simply aren’t used it. Try to start small. I really recommend stripes as a base point! You’re used to them, too. Stripes and florals always work.Pattern play can be so fun. As I ALWAYS say (I know, I know), just be confident when you wear a new look. Let me know what you think of mixing prints in the comments below!


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