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So, this feature is definitely one of my favorites I’ve ever done. I heard of Rachel Berzins through Facebook where I eventually found her blog, Rachel Rosalie Design, and her own planner she designed for the college female, the Collegiate Daybook. 
I was immediately impressed with how genuine, kind, and stylish she seemed (and truly is!). We share a mutual love of donuts so that doesn’t hurt either. Her Instagram is full of photos of her adventures overseas, herself in trendy outfits, and other shots that make you actually say, “goals,” aloud. 
Berzins’ planner itself was funded via Kickstarter and garnered the attention of dozens of people who ended up donating just more than $3,500 to get the project started. Now, you can order your own Collegiate Daybook here and support Rachel’s endeavors. 
Read more below to learn all about Rachel, her blog, and the CD! P.S. We’ve joined up to bring you a giveaway to win a free Collegiate Daybook (valued at $30) that you can enter by clicking here.

Lincoln Park Minute: Tell us a bit about yourself! How do you define yourself in a few words and/or phrases?
Rachel Berzins: There are so many ways to describe me and it’s always hard narrowing it down to just a few words, but I’ll do my best. One, I own more dresses than any one girl should have. Two, I will never hesitate to eat a donut, and don’t think you should either. Three, I always believe in splurging for a great handbag and four, I firmly believe that sometimes being unhealthy is the healthiest thing for you.
LPM: What was your inspiration for the CD?
RB: The inspiration came more out of frustration and dissatisfaction of all the planners out there right now. I needed something with a lot of space to write, and not a lot of fluff that would take up precious space. I looked back at my previous planners and thought to myself, “What do I like about this planner, what do I not like?” and just started a trial and error process. Eventually it became what it is today!
LPM: What did you find was the most difficult during the whole process of creating and putting out the CD?
RB: Definitely the final tweaks. When I first sent it off to the printers, half the pages were the wrong size. Not by much, but by enough and I had no idea how that happened. I had to go through individually and change all 365 pages to be the same. I’m no expert in graphic design, so I felt completely out of my element talking to the printers who work with these types of projects all the time, but by continuing to push myself to do it even though I was petrified, I learned so much.
LPM: What makes the CD the best planner option for the female demographic? How is it different? 
RB: The CD is the best planner out there right now for several reasons. Its simple, its straightforward, and its chic. It is exactly what a planner should be. There’s no frilly flowers or designs covering half the pages, it doesn’t have sections devoted to planning meals for your family, or making sure you pick the kids up. It’s designed for students in high school to college that want a planner that gets the job done, while not sacrificing style. There’s nothing else out there like it that is this specific to a demographic.
LPM: As a blogger, what is your favorite aspect of blogging and designing? 
RB: The blogging community is so unique and inspiring. And I really think that that is what makes me love it so much. There is always something new and exciting going on that causes me to think up new ideas and designs that I can share with my readers! But I think my hands down favorite aspect, is seeing something that you have been just dreaming about for months finally in your hands. It’s unreal.
LPM: What advice would you give an aspiring blogger or entrepreneur?
RB: I don’t think I’m qualified to even answer this question, because I still feeling like I’m an aspiring blogger and entrepreneur! But never stop learning. Take classes on a subject you’re unfamiliar with, reach out to other bloggers and entrepreneurs, ask them questions, go outside of your comfort zone, be persistent, but make sure you love what you’re doing, because if you don’t, why are you doing it?
LPM: What are your hobbies and past times? 
RB: Traveling. As much as physically possible. I grew up, going on lots of vacations and road trips and I’m so grateful for that and hope to be able to do that for my family as well. Getting to experience new cultures and traditions and see the world’s awesome wonders is something that I really think everyone should do. But when school is in session and I’m stuck in one place, I love to make movies, and take Instagrams (can that be a hobby now, because it definitely is mine), and eat donuts. Haha. That’s me in a nutshell.

LPM: Where do you see RRD and the CD in 3-5 years?
Hopefully having an office overseas! Okay, so that may be a little ambitious, but go big or go home, right?! After coming back from London this summer, I can’t get the thought of living in Europe for some time after graduation (this spring) out of my head. But regardless of where I am, I hope to have expanded into a whole collection of stationary goods that serve the same purpose as the CD: simple, straightforward, and chic. 
LPM: Any last words, thoughts, or advice for our readers?
RB: Make sure whatever you get into doing, you love. There’s only so long that you can keep up the façade of doing something you hate before your audience starts to realize. Be genuine, be authentic, and throw your whole self into whatever you’re doing. It makes a world of difference. 

Be sure to take a look at Rachel’s blog and consider buying a Collegiate Daybook if you’re still in the market for a new planner for the school year! Enter our giveaway by clicking here 🙂

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