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After an extremely busy summer of traveling, it’s finally the end of August. Most college students have already begun to go back to school but DePaul doesn’t start until the second week of September. It’s hard to believe I am already going into my junior year of college!

It’s going to be an incredible year, I can feel it. I’m starting off with so many new things. I’ve landed an internship at Skirt PR, an ambassador position at theSkimm, and I’m writing for the Odyssey! On top of all that, I’m taking five classes at DePaul and an online Parsons School of Design x Teen Vogue course in Fashion Industry Essentials.

With so much on my plate, I need a calming and inspiring place to do all my work. If you’re at all like me, then you know that your desk needs to be a place of productivity. For the start of a new school year, I love to reorganize and revamp.

To bring you a little inspiration for your own office and desk spaces, I’m sharing with you some items I find to be essentials for the female college student who loves fashion and keeping up with trends. Read on below to see my picks!

Planner // After much deliberation, I finally settled on shop’s agenda. After using a Lilly Pulitzer planner for two years in a row, I decided I wanted something new. I liked how open this one’s weekly layout is! I use mine to keep track of my homework, important dates and appointments, as well as birthdays and deadlines. 
Desk lamp // It’s no secret I love gold (and Target!). This lamp is perfect because it’s not too big or small and it can bend to your needs. If you don’t fancy gold, it also comes in three other colors. You’ll definitely need some source of light at your desk to get you through long nights of work.

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Organization // The Container Store should be your best friend while you organize any part of your home. I suggest matching your organizing pieces (go all lucite or all cardboard, etc.). Check out the Container Store’s collections here.
Prints // This is what personalizes your space the most. You’ll want to surround your desk with images you like or that motivate you. There are so many incredible Etsy shops for beautiful prints you can frame. I also suggest checking out HomeGoods if there’s one near you as they have heavily discounted photographs, frames, and other wall decor.
Stapler, scissors + tape holder // Okay.. I’m sorry but I really love gold and lucite. I just can’t get enough. These two Nate Berkus x Target pieces are on my Christmas list. If you’re gonna use scissors, you might as well use some glamorous ones 🙂
Tassel garland // What better way to bring some sparkle to your work space? Etsy shop tasselandtwine makes the most gorgeous garlands of all different colors and sizes.
Knick-knacks // There are various pieces you can add to your desk to add some warmth. I suggest a candle that can calm you while you do work, a bright mug for your coffee or tea, and a decorative piece that can be just about anything. 

I hope that I’ve brought you some ideas to re-up your own work area this fall! I’m currently recovering from gum surgery but I hope to have more personal fashion posts up soon. Definitely looking forward to getting back into the groove of things.

Have a great weekend!

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