Summer Reads for the 20 Something Gal

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So, I’ve never been a huge reader. I find it hard to read a book in a few days or even a week but that’s changed this summer. Two weeks into my summer vacation and I’ve already read two books. To some, this isn’t much of a feat but for me it is.

I want to share with you my favorite reads for the woman that likes to grow, perhaps loves fashion and public relations or pursuing a career in general, and enlightening herself. Some are on my wish list but a few I’ve already read. Either way, check ’em out below!

I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones

THIS BOOK. I honestly don’t think words can do it justice. It was written by Jones, who went to the University of Southern California and was a Kappa Kappa Gamma alongside the lovely Sophia Bush. Bush actually wrote the foreword.

Jones shares her struggles and reading it feels as though she’s your best friend just gushing to you and giving you advice. It’s all about ‘being that girl,’ which means lifting up other women instead of tearing them down. We live in a tough society that tells us we should criticize ourselves but I Am That Girl is inspiring, encouraging, and touches your heart.

No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh

Hanh is a Vietnamese monk who has many novels about transforming suffering and truly finding your inner zen. I was intrigued by this one specifically because it focuses specifically on mindfulness, something that I need to learn how to embrace more often.

It’s cliche and overdone but I genuinely am interested in Eastern philosophy, especially as I have grown and started getting more into yoga. It’s interesting to go beyond the practice and see the principals behind it. Reviewers say that No Mud, No Lotus cuts down to the core fast and gives you the tools you need to become much more wise.

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht

If you didn’t know, Licht is also known as DKNY PR girl. Around 2009, she created the Twitter personality and eventually gained over half a million followers. Leave Your Mark shares the story of her climb to the top. Licht revolutionized the way fashion brands utilize social media.

She is honest, in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way that I heavily relate to. She tells you the dos and don’ts. The novel carries dozens of insider tips you wouldn’t get elsewhere. If you’re at all interested in communications, especially in the fashion industry, this is a must-read.

My Paris Dream by Kate Betts

This book is a memoir of a fashion journalist (at WWD, no less) making her way up in the city of love. As a Canadian who took French for six years and has always dreamt of going to Paris, I’m really looking forward to this read.

Again, I’d really recommend this one if you like fashion or Paris alike. It gets immensely good reviews and supposedly accurately and vividly describes what it is like there. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

As you can see, there’s clearly a theme throughout the novels I’m reading. I’m loving books that help empower myself and others as well as career reads. I have so many more that I’m looking forward to reading. If you need any recommendations, feel free to reach out.

What are some of the books on your summer list? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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  1. Auntie Aud

    I'm taking a bit of a different direction in my choice of summer reading. I just started reading A Year with the Criminally insane; behind the gates of Gomorrah. It's written by Stephen Seager who was a psychiatrist working there.


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