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Weekend wear is one of those great, broad categories you can experiment with! Though it’s Monday morning and the weekend is long gone, it won’t be long until another is here again. I’m writing today to give you some inspiration for your next outfit for attending brunch with the girls or a baseball game with friends. With spring here, it’s time to start wearing light T-shirts and jeans. Basics make for a great and easy outfit.

I decided to wear my black and white Celfie T-shirt from Target underneath of an H&M military style jacket. My lighter wash Topshop jeans and Converse keep my ensemble casual enough to run errands but nice enough to grab lunch in. Chicago weather hasn’t exactly allowed for anything less lately, but hopefully I can wear shorts and sundresses soon! Anyone who lives here or around here knows how temperamental the weather is.

To get my perfect weekend wear outfit, grab a few key pieces such as a light T-shirt or blouse, a cardigan or thin jacket, light wash jeans, and a cute shoe like Converse or an espadrille! Be sure to consider the event you’re dressing for, too. Maybe grab an unworn dress or jeans and flats. Overall, be simple but know that you can still make a statement. 
The key, though, is to stay comfortable throughout it all! Don’t wear brand new wedges that need to be broken in or jeans that you know are uncomfortably tight. Stay casual, light and comfy during your next weekend activities 🙂

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