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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the phrase #girlboss. Sophia Amoruso, the founder and owner of the well-loved brand NastyGal, wrote the book #GirlBoss that’s been in every blogger’s hands lately. There is no doubt that stylist Lily Duevel is one of Chicago’s renowned girl bosses in her own right.

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Since hearing about her, I’ve admired Duevel for her ‘go, go, go’ work ethic and bright personality. As a PR & Advertising student and obvious lover of fashion myself, I’m thrilled to see she has found a way to combine her love for both marketing and styling; something that I one day hope to do myself.

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With an incredible background in advertising sales and event production, Duevel has had much success in her career. In 2013, she founded her own styling company called adoptedSTYLE. As if that wasn’t enough, she founded her own boutique PR agency as well in 2014.

Lucky for us, Lily answered some of my burning questions!

Lincoln Park Minute: How would you define your career?

Lily Duevel: That’s
a great question! My career might seem like it’s all over the place in the
sense that I juggle a lot of different hats and tasks at one time, but I’ve
found a way to make it all work. Styling, production, events, marketing, PR,
consulting; they don’t typically fall under the same umbrella and yet I’ve found a unique way of making them all work synonymously.

LPM: What inspired you to
found Ladder PR and adoptedSTYLE?
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LD: The inspiration for both companies came naturally.
adoptedSTYLE was created somewhat by mistake believe it or not! I’ve always had
a passion for fashion and styling, but never really had an outlet to showcase
this. When my roommate saw a tweet from the founder of Cheeky Chicago, Jessica
Zweig, looking for a stylist to produce their spring fashion show, I responded
on a whim and landed the opportunity. From there, I knew it would be best to
strategically brand this as a company in case it led to other things…and it
As for Ladder PR, people have always asked me for advice or
a consultative approach on how to start a brand, grow organically, network
properly, etc. I realized that I was consulting with a lot of local brands on a
friendly (AKA free) basis but that there was a huge value to how I was helping
their businesses become recognized and grow. From there, I decided to create
Ladder PR and dedicate the business to focusing on local businesses only and
helping other brands climb to the top.
LPM: How do you balance
the two?
LD: Well, this is the million dollar question since adoptedSTYLE
and Ladder PR aren’t even the only two things I do on a daily basis! I actually
have a full time job working for a tech start up  called UrbanBound. So between
the three, it’s definitely a challenge, but I love it! I would never do
something I didn’t love, so none of it every feels like “work.” Well, except
for maybe when I’m lifting heavy boxes during a fashion show. That definitely
feels like WORK.
LPM: What is your favorite
part? Your least?
LD: Favorite part = getting to do what I love and fulfill a
passion. Also, helping other people become successful. Least part = probably not being able to spend more time on
one or the other. I want both adoptedSTYLE and Ladder PR to stay my passions,
so it’s never been the idea to turn them into full-time gigs but sometimes I
wonder “what if?”
LPM: What was the most
valuable thing you’ve ever been told?
LD: If you try and fail, try again. I think this is great advice
that you can use in both business and personal life experiences.
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LPM: Who inspired or
continues to inspire you? Where do you find your inspiration?
LD: Hands down, my parents. There isn’t a day that I don’t think
about them and everything I do is because of them. I owe them my success and
they are my everything.
LPM: Why do you do what
you do? 
LD: Because I feel whole when I help people. I know I was put on
this planet to help others and I don’t want to do so by just volunteering
here and there, I want to incorporate it into my everyday life.
LPM: What’s your personal
key to success?
LD: Being responsive. It sounds silly, but it’s surprising how
many people in business aren’t responsive to their calls or emails. I make it a
point to get back to people right away; practically instantaneously. Even if I
don’t know the answer right then and there, I’ll let them know that I’m looking
into it and will get back to them as soon as possible. People respect that. A

LPM: What do you do for fun?

LD: Lots of things! But my newest hobby is definitely Soul Cycle. It’s not just a work out, it’s a dance party on a bike and has changed my entire mindset for how I attack everyday. I use to loathe working out and wore lululemons to lay on my couch (no, I’m serious). Now, not only do I work out, but I go to soul cycle to clear my mind, body, and soul. 

Special shout out to Kellen Townsend & Anthony McClain (Soul instructors) for taking a hardcore work out and making it something I look forward to every single night. They’ve changed my life and I recommend everyone reading this to sign up for their class!

Keep an eye out for Lily around the city or at an event! Be sure to follow her on social media as well. Her personal Instagram is www.instagram.com/lduevel 🙂
Channel your inner #girlboss this week, ladies!

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