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Today’s post is all about my roommate and sorority sister, Celia! She is an up-and-coming YouTuber and loves fashion. Get to know her below through our interview 🙂

Lincoln Park Minute: When did you realize you wanted to start making YouTube videos? 

Celia Skvaril: I realized I started wanting to make YouTube videos probably when I was about 13. When I was little, I was always recording myself and having this one woman show on my parent’s camcorder. I would watch other people’s videos on YouTube and always knew that I wanted to do it and be like them. I have some old videos on an old channel of mine, but I didn’t really start to think about it seriously until a few years ago.

LPM: What is your favorite part of the whole process? 
CS: I love YouTube because it is the best of both worlds. I love recording and editing videos but I also love being in front of the camera. I have always been into entertainment and have been dancing, singing and acting since I was little. My parents own their own video production company so I think that’s what got me into recording and editing. I absolutely love editing and when I have something to edit, I don’t want to do anything else. I really couldn’t give up my love for being in front of the camera so I love that YouTube gives me the opportunity to do all of the things that I love.

LPM: Who are some of your favorite YouTubers and why? 
CS: I have a lot of favorite YouTubers *laughs* I really like to watch all different kinds of videos. As for beauty gurus, I really love Zoella or Zoe Sugg, Claudia Sulewski (who is actually from Chicago) and Aspyn Ovard. For the more entertainment focused and funny videos, I really like Andrea Russett, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, and Kian Lawley. Those are really the ones that come to mind. I like those YouTubers because they really put a lot of effort into their videos and I feel like I know them!
LPM: What would you describe your video aesthetic or style as? 
CS: I’m still trying to find my niche or style for my YouTube videos. I really like fashion and beauty but I don’t think I have enough knowledge to be a beauty guru. I also really like the life and style and entertainment videos. It’s hard to explain what exactly they are but if you watch my videos it is kind of what I have been doing. Ideally, I would like to combine both fashion, beauty and entertainment.
LPM: Where do you see your channel headed?
CS: I would really love to do YouTube professionally and kind of make my way into the entertainment business. YouTube encompasses everything that I love to do so I feel as though it is perfect for me. It’s definitely a hard field to get into, but I’ve been very inspired lately and am willing to do whatever it takes.

Check out her most recent video embedded below! 🙂

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