Essentials: iPhone Photo-Editing

Though it seems a bit trivial, photo-editing (whether with professional shots taken on my DSLR or just on my iPhone 5S) is one of my favorite things to do. Toying around with everything is so much fun and can keep me busy for an hour. A great photo is awesome but the presentation is important too!

For the past year or so, everyone has wanted to know what apps and software I use. Especially lately, it seems that I can’t go a week without someone asking these questions about photos on my personal Instagram and my sorority’s, which I run as PR Chairman.

So, I’ve finally decided to compile them for all of you! This list includes the ones I use for social media and on my iPhone. For photos on my blog, I use Lightroom with VSCO filters and the websites I use for social media graphics are Canva, Pagemodo, and Pixlr.

Anyway, check out my list with examples included below! P.S. Any photo with a border was done with Afterlight but I heard Whiteagram is great too. If a photo is on one side and the other is blank/white, that was done with PicFrame.

VSCOcam // Free

Pros: My absolute favorite for a basic photo edit (exposure, contrast, filter, fade, etc.), a range of beautiful filters that don’t look over-processed, streamlined interface that’s easy to use, produces clean looking photo edits.


Social Light // Free

Pros: Ideal for a super quick photo edit on the go, very basic interface, some unique filters worth trying since it’s free. If you didn’t know, this is SocietyGrl’s app.

PicFrame // Free

Pros: Hands down the best collage maker. You can make collages without borders which is something that’s seemingly hard to come by with collage apps. No ads and simple to use. Easy to get creative with as you can see below.


Shapely // Free

Pros: Quirky frames and shapes if you’re into that sort of thing, borders can be colored, plenty of different options (not just frames!). Good for someone who wants more creative options.


Afterlight // $0.99

Pros: A range of pretty decent filters, instant film and light leak overlays (some you have to pay for), white frames (including polaroid/number/letter ones) that can transform a normal photo, great price for what you get.

Rhonna Designs // $1.99

Pros: Easy to use, great fonts and texts, gorgeous packs of overlays, frames, etc. that are always being added (especially for seasons).

Cons: It can get pretty pricey pretty quick since a lot of the overlay and add-on packs aren’t free. May be more difficult to use for some people.


Facetune // $3.99

Pros: Fantastic for covering up pimples, smoothing out skin texture or color, blurring out alcohol, etc. It can all be done here. Worth the buy.

Cons: If you aren’t great at photo-editing, this could take a bit of learning but there are easy-to-follow and helpful tutorials.


WordSwag // $3.99

Pros: A must for anyone who is constantly creating text images or graphics. SO incredibly simple to use. The possibilities are truly endless here. I especially love the mask feature shown below.


A Beautiful Mess // $0.99

Pros: If you often use text on photos, this is another must as it has a good range of fonts that are fun without being gaudy. Enjoyable add-ons like borders and stuff too.



I hope that this was helpful for some of you!
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. Definitely let me know what apps you love to edit your photos with in the comments below 🙂


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  1. Georgia Brooks

    I love taking photos and posting them online. With VSCO, you get just that. This photo editing app was perfect for touching up my photos. This was able to take basic photos and make them look almost professional. Thanks so much for sharing such a great list of photo editing tools.


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