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Though released a few months ago, the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration and collection has STILL been on my mind. I absolutely loved all of the different textures of black and the way Wang effortlessly combined couture and workout wear. As always, the man is brilliant!


In order to translate this collaboration into my own style, I kept in mind a few things. First, only the colors black and white. Second, a mixture of textures. Third, a cross between a gym outfit and a wearable one.


The piece that I really based this outfit around was the T-shirt from Zara that I got $6! I fell in love with it. The print reminded me of this collaboration and actually inspired me in the first place.



To add another texture, I wore my North Face rain jacket over top. On the bottom, I just wore my Lulu Lemon running tights and black and white Nike Rosches which worked perfectly for this ensemble.

My black Lulu Lemon headband completed the look! Can you tell if I was going to the gym or to run an errand? 😉

Making couture wearable, even something as seemingly normal as this collaboration, is a lot more difficult than I realized! But it’s interesting to play around with nonetheless.

See what you can create with your own workout clothes!


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