An Evergreen Vest

Last Sunday, Chicago had a terribly nasty blizzard that left us with around 15 inches of snow. It’s times like that where I’m insanely grateful for my Hunter boots! Not only are they fantastic for rain and puddles, but I use them as snow boots too. They have surprisingly great traction. Because I got matte black ones, it can sometimes be hard to make a cute outfit out of them.

To spice up the black boots, I wore this evergreen vest on top. I found it when I recently went shopping at Zara. It was a $40 vest on sale for $13! I’m obsessed with vests but besides this one, I have a gray Patagonia one which only works for more athletic looks. This quilted one is exactly what I wanted to make a simple look a bit more interesting. My favorite part of this vest (besides the price!) is the gold accents of buttons and zippers. 


To stay warm in the rubber boots, I usually wear wool socks or two pairs of normal ones. In the photo above, you can see how necessary a good snow boot is in Chicago with all the slush and sludge that is created after a good snowfall. 
My ivory cable knit sweater is from H&M and of course, I’m wearing Topshop denim! My biggest tip is to invest in winter essentials if you live in such an area. Hunters run around 130 or 140 dollars depending on the type, but they’re most certainly worth it. Also, make sure you’re shopping for the right pieces at the right times and you’ll find amazing deals. Check out this TIMES article for more on that.
What can’t you live without during the winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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