3 Reasons to See Chicago By Helicopter With Chicago Helicopter Experience

Last week, Austin and I had a once in a lifetime flight with Chicago Helicopter Tours here in the city. I’ve been on a helicopter before (over New York City YEARS ago), but Austin hadn’t so it was absolutely incredible to experience it together! Below, keep reading to learn more about our ride and three reasons I think YOU should enjoy this incredibly gorgeous city by helicopter.

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A Fall Refresh with Sears

I harp on it all the time, but fall truly is my favorite time of year. Just one reason why? The fashion! I so prefer ankle booties, jeans and chunky sweaters over sandals, shorts and tank tops (although I do love a really good dress). Regardless, now that fall is here, I’m refreshing my wardrobe with some brand-new pieces!

And what better way to find them than by stopping by the newly renovated Sears located at Oakbrook Center? As you probably saw, I went to Oakbrook for the first time earlier this year with Toyota and was so excited to see the new store was coming! Keep reading below to hear about the grand re-opening, see what pieces I got and how I styled them post-event.

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The Real Deal About Chemical Peels with Glytone

You guys know I love trying new things, especially when it comes to beauty. That’s why I was SO excited when my friends at Glytone reached out and asked me to try one of their chemical peels at Lapiel Laster Center here in Chicago! I had never gotten one before, so I was a complete newbie to the whole process, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying it! 

Typically, when one thinks chemical peel, they likely think of Samantha in Sex & the City with a red, peeling face. Don’t worry, today’s post will entirely change that viewpoint! I’m breaking down my own chemical peel experience with Glytone and Lapiel, my before and after pictures, benefits of getting one and more. Keep reading below to take a look!

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