My Top Three Blogging Tips

Since starting my blog back in January of 2015, one of the top questions I’ve received from readers and followers alike is, “How do I start my own blog?” For years, I’ve been saying I’d write a full blog post detailing all my tips and today I finally am!

Whether you indeed want to start a blog of your own or simply become intrigued as to what it’s like to run one, I hope this post can help you! Keep reading below.

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My Step-By-Step Hair Care Routine

Ever since I was quite young, I’ve had long, long hair that I constantly received questions about. These days, I keep it a bit shorter and more professional than I used to as a child, but with longer hair comes more responsibility and upkeep. I realized lately that I’ve never shared my entire hair care routine or process with you guys, so I figured I’d break it all down and include my must-have products, tools AND tips. Take a look below to check it out!

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My Favorite SPF Products For Every Occassion

With summer fully underway, I think everyone has SPF on the mind and while we should be wearing it every single day, the warmer temperatures are a great reminder to slather up. Because let’s be honest, SPF isn’t the sexiest thing in the world, but neither are wrinkles. 

So, I’m rounding up my favorite sunscreen products. From my go-to body sunscreen to a great SPF for your scalp (you read that right), take a look below!

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