What’s In My Bag?

Some say the contents of a woman’s bag define her. I must agree that mine entirely matches my type A personality. I keep so much in it! A lot of my friends and co-workers even joke that I carry a Target store around in my purse because I have so many unexpected necessities! The weight of my purse is certainly evidence of this. In today’s post, I want to share exactly what I keep in my bag, as an update to my previous what’s in my bag post. Check that out here and keep reading to see more!

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A Summer Refresh: Sparkling Cocktail Recipes

Guys, I am SO excited about today’s post because it combines a few of my all-time favorite things: sparkling water, summertime, and delicious cocktails. To me, nothing says summer more than a fruity cocktail, especially a sparkling one, which is why I’m sharing a few recipes perfect for your next get together or happy hour.

The following recipes are all made with an amazing flavored sparkling water called Spindrift. It’s the first and only line of sparkling beverages made with real squeezed fruit. That’s truly all it’s made out of, sparkling water and real fruit! I LOVE that. The drinks are especially low in sugars and calories, which is an added plus and makes them such a guilt free mixer for cocktails! Keep on reading to see these irresistible recipes!

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4 Steps to a Beginner’s Skincare Routine

Due to my unhealthy obsession with skincare, I often get asked for advice on how to start a skincare routine both from my friends and followers/readers. I always hear, “It’s just too much to keep up with,” or “All of the products I’d need are expensive,” but the truth is a beginner’s skincare routine doesn’t have to be difficult or pricey. In today’s post, I’m outlining the five products and steps you should include in your quest for a skincare routine. One that won’t overwhelm you, something that’s fairly easy to commit to and doesn’t break the bank (though I’ll provide both affordable and investment product recs).

Continue reading below to check out more! Bear in mind I’m 100% not a dermatologist (though Austin likes to tease me that I think I am), but my advice is based on my personal experiences and knowledge.

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